Mike Conley

Engineer working on Firefox for Desktop

These Weeks In Firefox: Issue 124

Highlights Firefox 105 is released today! Lots of goodies in there, as well as performance and stability improvements. WebExtension Manifest Version 3 support has been enabled by default in Nightly … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 105

Highlights Starting from Firefox 96, a new “browser.runtime.getFrameId” method allows an extension content script to retrieve the frameId associated to a WindowProxy of an embedder DOM element (e.g. frame, object … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 100

Highlights Firefox 92 was released today! We’re 96% through M1 for Fluent migration! Great work from kpatenio and niklas! [Screenshot] Caption: A graph showing how Fluent strings have overtaken DTD … Read more