Exploring improvements to the Firefox sidebar

What are we working on? 

We have long been excited to improve the existing Firefox sidebar and strengthen productivity use cases in the browser. We are laying the groundwork for these improvements, and you may have seen early work-in-progress in our test builds and in Nightly behind preferences (Firefox Nightly with vertical tabs and Firefox is experimenting with a sidebar in Nightly).

What to expect next?

In the near future, we will be landing foundational sidebar features in Nightly to ensure parity with the existing sidebar and make the new experience more useful and easy to use. Many of the ideas we are exploring are based on your suggestions in Mozilla Connect. You’ve shared how you imagine productivity, switching between contexts, and juggling multiple tasks could improve in Firefox, and we’ve listened.

We are encouraged by your positive feedback on our early concepts, and we look forward to engaging with the community and hearing more about what you think once sidebar features are ready for testing. We will announce feature readiness for feedback in the follow-up blog posts and on Connect.

In the meantime, if you have questions or general feedback, please engage with us on Mozilla Connect.

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