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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 44

Highlights We added more of an explanation to the Symantec distrust cert errors. Speaking of certificates, April King created an add-on for viewing security certificate details called Certainly Something. Requires … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 43

Highlights Today is the last day for Outreachy interns and GSoC students. Thank you for all your contributions! 🎉 The Tracking Protection UI has been replaced with our new “Content … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 42

Highlights New Onboarding experience in Firefox 62 currently only as an experiment. The new about:policies helps administrators verify if they have configured policies correctly, learn more about the different policies, … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 41

Highlights Multi-select tabs have been enabled by default on Nightly! Use Ctrl/Cmd-Click to select individual tabs, or Shift-Click to select a range, and then right click to perform operations on … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 40

Highlights Nightly builds of Focus / Klar (with GeckoView) are now available! Introducing Firefox Monitor, a new security tool we’re testing to help keep track of data breaches on the … Read more