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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 82

Highlights Urlbar Update 2 enabled on Firefox Beta. This work includes Search Mode, refreshed one-offs, and tab-to-search results. We recently introduced tab-to-search results that are shown when a search engine’s … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 79

Highlights We’re testing some variations on the Picture-in-Picture toggle Camera and microphone global mutes have landed, but are being held to Nightly Urlbar Design Update 2 is live in Nightly. … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 76

Highlights Call for testing: turn on the devtools.netmonitor.features.sse pref, which provides support for Server Side Events (SSE) ready in 80 and a visualization for text/event-stream content types (bug). Use this … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 75

Highlights We’ve added a new section to about:preferences to opt-in to experimental features! Go to about:preferences, and look for “Experiments” on the left-hand side. Firefox Lockwise (about:logins) now supports Login … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 73

Highlights Picture-in-Picture now works across workspaces on macOS! (bug) Firefox now alerts users regarding vulnerable passwords. Bug 1626107 enables this feature after many bug fixes and UI tweaks! Visual redesign … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 72

Highlights about:logins and passwords Ask the user for their OS account password before showing the passwords in the password manager Show indicators on saved logins that are re-using those breached … Read more