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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 72

Highlights about:logins and passwords Ask the user for their OS account password before showing the passwords in the password manager Show indicators on saved logins that are re-using those breached … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 68

Highlights The “Omniscient” Browser Toolbox will be enabled by default in the coming days This is a browser developer toolbox with the ability inspect/debug multiple processes As a follow up, … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 65

Highlights You can now import logins and passwords from Chrome on macOS. Watchpoints are now available in the Dev Tools debugger! Give them a try by flipping the devtools.debugger.features.watchpoints pref. … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 64

Highlights Firefox’s Test Pilot Program Returns with Firefox Private Network Beta The DevTools team is working on a new Application Panel Try turning on `devtools.application.enable` in about:config on a recent … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 63

Highlights The about:addons shortcut management view is now notifying users when there extensions are using the same shortcuts. Thanks to Trishul for contributing this enhancement. The new DOM Mutation Breakpoint … Read more