Firefox's New Tab page with a beautiful image of the aurora borealis set as the background wallpaper
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Wall to Wall Improvements – These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 159


  • The team is in the early stages of adding wallpaper support! This is still very preliminary, but you can test what they’ve currently landed on Nightly:
    • Set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.newtabWallpapers.enabled to true in about:config
    • Click on the “gear” icon in the top-right of the new tab page
    • Choose a wallpaper! Note that you get different options depending on whether or not you’re using a light or dark theme.
Firefox's New Tab page with a beautiful image of the aurora borealis set as the background wallpaper

Set a new look for new tabs!

Friends of the Firefox team


  • Shoutout to Yi Xiong Wong for submitting 16 patches to refactor a bunch of browser.js code into a separate file (bug)

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Camille
  • Magnus Melin [:mkmelin]
  • Meera Murthy

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtension APIs
  • As part of the ongoing work related to improving cross-browser compatibility for Manifest Version 3 extensions:
    • The options_page manifest property is supported as an alias of options_page.uiBug 1816960
    • A new webRequestAuthProvider permission allows extensions to register  webRequest.onAuthRequired blocking listeners (in addition to the webRequestBlocking permission, which is deprecated on Chrome but still supported by Firefox) – Bug 1820569
    • commands.onCommand listeners now receive details of the currently active tab – Bug 1843866
    • WebExtensions with a granted active tab permission can now call tabs.captureVisibleTab API method without any additional host permissions – Bug 1784920
    • MessageSender details received by runtime.onMessage/runtime.onConnect listeners include a new origin property – Bug 1787379

Developer Tools

  • Artem Manushenkov added a setting to disable the split console (#1731635)
  • Yury added support for Wasm exception handling proposal in the Debugger (#1885589)
  • Emilio fixed a rendering issue that could happen after exiting Responsive Design Mode (#1888242)
  • Alex migrated the last DevTools JSMs to ESMs (#1789981, #1827382, #1888171)
  • Nicolas improved performance of the Inspector when modifying a single rule, in a stylesheet with a lot of rules (#1888079, #1888081)
  • Nicolas improved the Rules view by showing the color picker button on color functions using CSS variables in their definition (#1718894)
  • Bomsy fixed a crash in the netmonitor (#1884571)
  • Julian reverted the location of DevTools screenshots on OSX to match where Firefox screenshots are saved (#1845037)
  • Nicolas added @property rules (enabled on Nightly by default) in the Style Editor sidebar (#1886392)
WebDriver BiDi
  • New contributor: :gravyant improved the error message when the command is used without a proper capabilities parameter (#1838152)
  • Julian Descottes added support for the contexts argument of the network.addIntercept command which allows to restrict a network intercept to a set of top-level browsing contexts (#1882260)
  • Sasha Borovova updated the storage.getCookies command to return third party cookies selectively, based on the value of the network.cookie.cookieBehavior and network.cookie.cookieBehavior.optInPartitioning preferences (#1879503)
  • Sasha Borovova removed the ownership and sandbox parameters for the browsingContext.locateNodes command to align with a recent specification update (#1884935)
  • Sasha Borovova updated the session.subscribe and session.unsubscribe commands to throw an error when the events or contexts parameters are empty arrays (#1887871)
  • The team completed the Milestone 10 of the project (bug list), where we implemented 50% of the commands needed to completely support Puppeteer, with 75% of the Puppeteer unit-tests passing with WebDriver BiDi. For Milestone 11 (bug list), our focus remains to implement the remaining commands and features required to fully support Puppeteer (doc).

Lint, Docs and Workflow

Migration Improvements


  • Thanks to :joe.scott.webster for submitting a patch that fixes PiP captions issues with several Yahoo sites (bug) and filing a follow-up ticket for AOL (bug).
    • Also thanks to Niklas Baumgardner (:niklas) for lending a hand!


Screenshots (enabled by default in Nightly)

Search and Navigation

  • Firefox Suggest experience
    • Daisuke renamed the “Learn More about Firefox Suggest” menuitem to a more direct “Manage Firefox Suggest”. Bug 1889820
    • Drew added new telemetry to measure in experiments the potential exposure of simulated results, depending on the typed search string. Bug 1881875
  • SERP categorization telemetry
    • James, Stephanie and Karandeep have landed many fixes to the storage, logging and measurements.
  • Search Config v2
    • Enabling new config in Nightly lowered the number of initialization errors for the Search Service
    • Mark fixed character-set handling. Bug 1890698
    • Mark added a new property covering the device type. Bug 1889910
    • Mandy sorted collections by engine identifier and property names, to make the config more easily navigable and diffs nicer and easier to maintain. Bug 1889247
    • Mandy updated the documentation. Bug 1889037
  • Other fixes
    • Marco fixed a bug causing engagement on certain results to be registered both as engagement and abandonment. Bug 1888627
    • Dao has fixed alignment of “switch to tab” and “visit” chiclets. Bug 1886761

Storybook/Reusable Components

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