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Customizing Reader Mode – These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 158


Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Script to find new contributors from bug list

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  • Fixed a regression introduced in Firefox 116 for extensions including a sidebar command shortcut (fixed in Nightly 126 and Beta 125) – Bug 1881820
    • Thanks to Dao for investigating the regression and then following up with a fix
  • Fixed a long standing uninterruptible reflow triggered by browser-addons.js on handling “addon-install-confirmation” notifications – Bug 1360028
    • Thanks to Dao for fixing it too!

ESMification status

  • 100%
    • Thank you to everyone that has worked on and supported this effort.
    • Plan for out-of-tree changes & removing old loaders is coming soon.

Lint, Docs and Workflow

Migration Improvements

Screenshots (enabled by default in Nightly)

Search and Navigation

  • Firefox Suggest experience
  • Work continues integrating the new Rust backend and improving exposure metrics.
  • Daisuke has exposed icons mime-types along with blobs, from the offline Suggest backend. Bug 1882967
  • Drew has fixed a problem with the recording of exposure metrics in experiments. Bug 1886175
  • Clipboard result
  • Karandeep has fixed a problem with empty searches returning no results in Tab, History and Bookmarks Search Mode, and a problem with the clipboard result persisting when switching through multiple empty tabs. Bug 1884094, Bug 1865336
  • SERP categorization metrics
  • Stephanie and James have fixed multiple issues in this area.
  • Categorization metric has been enabled in Nightly.
  • Search Config v2
    • Standard8 and Mandy have fixed multiple issues in this area.
    • Work continues as Config v2 has been enabled in Nightly.
  • Frecency ranking
    • Marco has changed frecency recalculation to accelerate when many changes have been made from the last recalculation. This should help with large imports. Bug 1873629
    • Marco has corrected a schema migration mistake, preventing recalculation of frecency for not recently accessed domains. That caused autofill of domains to not work as expected in the Address Bar for Firefox 125 Nightly (and first week of Beta). Bug 1886975
  • Other fixes
    • Drew has corrected visual alignment of weather results. Bug 1886694
    • Dale has corrected visual alignment of rich search suggestions. Bug 1871022

Storybook/Reusable Components

  • Design Tokens
    • We’ve recently landed some changes to how our design tokens are handed in mozilla-central, we now have a JSON source of truth for these tokens
    • To update the tokens files (tokens-shared, tokens-platform, tokens-brand), you’ll need to modify the design-tokens.json file and then run ./mach npm run build –prefix=toolkit/themes/shared/design-system
    • Our current docs can be found on Storybook: JSON design tokens, and the more general design tokens docs
      • Porting these docs over to Firefox Source Docs will happen in the next couple of days
    • This info will also be sent out to the firefox-dev mailing list with more details and links to Firefox Source Docs

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