The Firefox URL bar is open with the characters "stea" entered. One of the suggestions is for an Amazon page for the Steam Deck console, which is opened in a Shopping container tab. A "Switch to Tab - Shopping" item is displayed next to the search result.
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Switch to Container Tabs – These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 157


Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Script to find new contributors from bug list

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Javi Rueda :javirid

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtension APIs
  • Starting in Firefox 125 proxy.onRequest allows proxyAuthorizationHeader to be used also on HTTP intercepted requests – Bug 1794464

Developer Tools

WebDriver BiDi
  • Henrik Skupin vendored the new Puppeteer v22.4.0 release into mozilla-central (#1878632)
  • Henrik Skupin fixed mach puppeteer-test command to enable running the tests with Chrome, including the ability to specify a custom binary (#1877629)
  • Henrik Skupin fixed the behavior when running with only WebDriver BiDi enabled (without CDP), no recommended automation preferences were being set for Firefox (#1882748)
  • Henrik Skupin resolved a race condition in WebDriver BiDi when creating or switching between tabs within the same OS window. This fix ensures that the document.visibilityState value is correctly set to hidden when the corresponding commands are executed (#1877469)
  • Alexandra Borovova implemented the input.setFiles command, which allows clients to set the files property of a given input element with type file to a list of file paths (#1855040)
  • Julian Descottes added a new capability userAgent for WebDriver Classic and BiDi, which returns the default user agent (#1885495)

ESMification status

  • Everywhere else: 100%
  • Only 7 JSMs left in the tree!
    • Total:  99.54% (+0.19% from last time)
  • #esmification on Matrix

Lint, Docs and Workflow

Migration Improvements


Screenshots (enabled by default in Nightly)

  • This was mentioned in the meeting but I wanted to shout out again that the screenshots component is now enabled in Nightly (bug 1789727)! This allows screenshots on about: pages, has better performance, keyboard accessibility, and much more!
  • niklas fixed a bug where pasting into slack wasn’t working
  • niklas fixed a bug where black lines could appear in screenshots on certain zoom levels
  • Niklas is a new owner of the Screenshots module

Search and Navigation

  • Search Consolidation
    • The search configuration defines the search engines which are displayed to the user by default, according to their region, locale and other settings.
    • Standard8 and mcheang have enabled the new search configuration on nightly, due to ship in FF 126
    • This replaces the previous WebExtension + remote settings collection with a single remote settings collection for the configuration, and a separate one for icons.
      • Two technical diagrams of various components that communicate with the Firefox Search Service are displayed. In the first diagram, a "System add-ons shipped with Firefox" component feeds into the Search Service. In the second diagram, this item has been removed, since all configuration is now consolidated, coming from Remote Settings.It also addresses complexities and other issues that were in the old configuration.
    • The same collection will also be picked up later this year by our mobile platforms, allowing easier updates to our search engine configuration across products.


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