Firefox Nightly Now Available for Linux on ARM64

We’re excited to share an update with people running Linux on ARM64 (also known as AArch64) architectures.

ARM64 Binaries Are Here

After launching the Firefox Nightly .deb package, feedback highlighted a demand for ARM64 builds. In response, we’re excited to now offer Firefox Nightly for ARM64 as both .tar archives and .deb packages. Keep the suggestions coming – feedback is always welcome!

  • .tar Archives: Prefer our traditional .tar.bz2 binaries? You can get them from our downloads page by selecting Firefox Nightly for Linux ARM64/AArch64.
  • .deb Packages: For updates and installation via our APT repository, you can follow these instructions and install the firefox-nightly package.

On ARM64 Build Stability

We want to be upfront about the current state of our ARM64 builds. Although we are confident in the quality of Firefox on this architecture, we are still incorporating comprehensive ARM64 testing into Firefox’s continuous integration and release pipeline. Our goal is to integrate ARM64 builds into Firefox’s extensive automated test suite, which will enable us to offer this architecture across the beta, release, and ESR channels.

Your Feedback Is Crucial

We encourage you to download the new ARM64 Firefox Nightly binaries, test them, and share your findings with us. By using these builds and reporting any issues, you’re empowering our developers to better support and test on this architecture, ultimately leading to a stable and reliable Firefox for ARM64. Please share your findings through Bugzilla and stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for your ongoing participation in the Firefox Nightly community!

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  1. 陶先生 wrote on

    How to build ARM64/AArch64 nightly build automatic?


  2. Christopher Patrick wrote on

    I was wondering if you’d add the ESR version in the APT repository.


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