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Nightly discussion forums and some of the tools we use

I thought it would be useful to publish a brief post regarding the various communication channels that we are using right now for Nightly, as well as a few of the main tools being used across the project. Suggestions and new ideas regarding communication and tools are always welcome.

Communication Channels

Currently we have two active communication channels where you can chat about issues you may be seeing in Firefox Nightly – IRC and the Telegram app. For IRC, you can find us at in #nightly, and on the Telegram app please ask @mozillamarcia to add you to the group “Nightly Testers.” We have a bot that cross posts to both IRC and Telegram, so we now have cross communication between the two channels. If you are seeing a particular bug, it is helpful to mention it on IRC/Telegram app so we can see if it is a known issue or an actual regression.


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Forums and Mailing Lists

While there isn’t yet a specific mailing list for nightly (work in progress  – we do have a legacy one for Nightly QA Testers), feature development and other topics are often discussed on the Platform and Firefox desktop browser forums. The posts from span the entire Mozilla project, and often Developers will write in detail about what they are currently working on.

Nightly Test Events

Currently Test Day events are being held for the branches, but not specifically for Nightly. If you are interested in organizing a Nightly test event, please reach out to marcia in the #nightly IRC channel.

  • Bugzilla is the true lifeblood of Mozilla. Almost everything related to the project passes through the Bugzilla landscape. For Nightly, we encourage you to read about how to file bugs here. Please add the keyword “nightly-community” to your bug when you file it.
  • Github is also used by some projects within Mozilla. One example is Test Pilot , but there are lots of others. You can see the full list here.
Crash Stats

Socorro is the tool that aggregates all the crash data across the various Mozilla products. It is in this space that you can see and investigate top crashes in the products.

The main crash-stats page has lots of great information about the current state of Nightly as well as the other branches.

Project Uptime is a Platform initiative specific to improving the crash rate on Desktop and Mobile.

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