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These Weeks In Firefox: Issue 124


Friends of the Firefox team


  • Welcome Schalk! Schalk has been contributing for a while and is the community manager for MDN Web Docs, and is hanging out to hear about DevTools-y things and other interesting things going on in Firefox-land to help promote them to the wider community

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • axtinemvsn (one of our CalState students!)
  • Itiel

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  • Fixed a regression on accessing static theme resources from other extensions (introduced in Firefox 105 by Bug 1711168, new restrictions on accessing extensions resources not explicitly set as web_accessible_resources) – Bug 1786564 (landed in Firefox 105) and Bug 1790115 (landed in Firefox 106, followup fix related to extension pages running in private browsing windows)
  • Small tweaks and fixes related to the unified extensions toolbar button – Bug 1790015 / Bug 1784223 / Bug 1789407
  • Cleanups related to the Manifest Version 3 CSP – Bug 1789751 (removed localhost from script-src directive) / Bug 1766881 (removed unnecessary object-src)
Addon Manager & about:addons
  • Emilio enable modern flexbox use in the about:addons page (instead of XUL layout) – Bug 1790308
  • Itiel has updated the about:addons accent color var to use the Photon color and updated the “Available Updates” dot badge to use the expected Photon accent color – Bug 1787651

Developer Tools

  • Eugene fixed a bug with the Network Monitor Websocket inspector, where messages would disappear when using filters in combination with the “keep messages” checkbox (bug)
  • Alex is updating the devtools codebase to prepare for ESM-ification:
  • The Network Monitor used to incorrectly show sizes in kibibytes (1024-based) instead of kilobytes (1000-based). Hubert fixed this issue and we now show the correct sizes and correct units everywhere in the Netmonitor (bug)
  • Alex keeps fixing bugs and UX issues around WebExtension debugging. Whenever you reloaded an extension, the Debugger would no longer show its sources. This was a recent regression, but it is now fixed and tested (bug)
  • Hubert fixed a bug with the new Edit and Resend panel, where we would crash if the request was too big. (bug)
  • Nicolas fixed a performance regression in the StyleEditor (bug), which was caused by performing too many cross compartment property access.
WebDriver BiDi
  • We added basic support for the “script.getRealms” command which returns the information about available WindowRealms, including sandboxes. This information contains realm ids which will be used to run script evaluation commands. (bug)
  • We extended the Remote Agent implementation to allow Marionette and WebDriver BiDi to open and close tabs in GeckoView applications. As a result we were able to enable ~300 additional WebDriver tests on Android. (bug)

ESMification status

Lint, Docs and Workflow

  • https is now the default to use in tests.
    • Please only disable the rule if you explicitly need to test insecure connections – and add a comment if you do disable.
  • You can now specify a –rule parameter to ./mach eslint (not ./mach lint -l eslint), which allows you to test turning on an ESLint rule.
  • We now have two new rules which are currently manually run.
    • The rules:
      • mozilla/valid-ci-uses checks that:
        • Ci.nsIFoo is a valid interface.
        • Ci.nsIFoo.CONSTANT is a valid constant available on the interface.
      • mozilla/valid-services-property checks that:
        • is a valid property on the interface associated with
    • These will be added to run on CI as a tier-2 task in the next couple of months.
    • For now, they can be manually run via
      • ​​MOZ_OBJDIR=objdir-ff-opt ./mach eslint –rule=”mozilla/valid-services-property: error” –rule=”mozilla/valid-ci-uses: error” *
      • There are a few non-critical existing failures which will be resolved before CI lands.

Migration Improvements (CalState LA Project)

  • Students had a Hack Weekend the weekend before last to get up to speed with our tooling
  • Quite a few Good First Bugs landed to support the ESMification process
  • We’re starting the students off on researching the best ways of importing favicons from other browsers into Firefox. Watch this space!


Search and Navigation

Storybook / Reusable components

  • The ./mach storybook commands have landed!
    • ./mach storybook install # Run this the first time
    • ./mach storybook
    • ./mach storybook launch # Run this in a separate shell

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