Mike Conley

Engineer working on Firefox for Desktop

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 26

Highlights Prathiksha moved the pop-up blocked icon/menu from the urlbar to the identity block/identity pop-up (the notification bar for blocked popups is still there). Please read our plans for removing … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 25

Highlights A browser.tabs.tabMinWidth preference has been added to control the minimum tab width before overflow, and the default was then set for 50. More recently, this default has changed to … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 17

Highlights Form Autofill is enabled-by-default in Nightly! Give it a try by manually creating an address profile in about:preferences. Photon Engineering Newsletter #1 went out last week, #2 coming later … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 14

Highlights Volunteer contributor Kevin Jones has been doing amazing work on the lazytabs project Initial measurements suggest the potential for epic session restoration time wins if and when this is … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 13

Highlights We’ve now got 4 content processes on by default on Nightly! Background tabs are being restored in the content process by default now, improving perceived session restore performance, especially … Read more

These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 12

Highlights Turning on the permissions dialog for WebExtensions this week Download progress indication redesign landed and is now in Nightly and Firefox Developer Edition! (UX spec) Special thanks to the … Read more