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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 32


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  1. Tim Cuthbertson wrote on

    Nothing is mentioned about the changes to Tabs that I just saw with the update from Feb 14 to Feb 15. I do not like the changes. The + to add a new tab has been moved from just right of the rightmost tab to all the way on the right end of the tab bar. The X to close a tab is no longer visible on inactive tabs.

    Both of these changes are inconvenient, to me. Is there some reason for them?

    Please go back to the old way.


  2. IronJ wrote on

    “improve perceived start-up performance”

    How about lower-level coding like asm. Its a pain but ill work


  3. scineram wrote on

    What could be the performance implication of such a timer change?


  4. QWERTYUIOPYOZO wrote on

    “paint an empty (about:blank) window as early as possible”.
    I would do a Vivaldi and make it display actual content (ie. Firefox logo and/or pretend Chrome bar), rather than just a meaningless white box.


  5. Fil Sapia wrote on

    When will we be getting favicon sync like all other Chromium based browsers? It seems crazy to me how such a basic feature isn’t part of Firefox sync. Especially since many users use icon-only bookmarks.


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