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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 25


Friends of the Firefox team

Project Updates


Activity Stream

  • Update on Activity Stream on about:home for 57
    • Landed patch to restore existing about:home in Nightly, preffed off by default
    • Starting a Shield pref flip study in Nightly to compare Activity Stream to existing about:home
    • Requested uplift for patch to 57 Beta so that same study can be run there
  • Started planning / landing for 58

Browser Architecture

  • XBL design review happened last week, next step is to share the plans more widely.
  • Experimenting with removing the XUL box model

Firefox Core Engineering

  • New projects († are subject to approval):
    • Adding a dummy crash reporter (en route to CFI-based stackwalking)
    • Jumping in to help with Chrome migration
    • Going to be creating a policy engine & API to support policy management in enterprises (not just Active Directory)†
    • Possibly revamping how we update the DLL blocklist† in parallel with some early injection mitigation changes

Form Autofill

  • Working with the SHIELD team to do the gradual rollout of address autofill in 56
    • One bug fix needs deployment first
  • Continuing work on credit card autofill for the US (not riding the trains yet)
  • “Clear” autofill item in progress



  • Been doing a deep-dive investigation on this bug where a user reports slower page load times due to the 60fps tab throbber
    • We’ve now got hardware where we can reproduce the problem on. The clock speed is really low on these machines (even worse when in battery-saving mode), which seems to be the main contributing factor.
  • Fixed a bug where logins / passwords weren’t being filled in via the context menu item – this was a regression from some perf work where the contextmenu sync IPC message was removed.
  • Patches will land shortly that will allow us to kill hanging JS more quickly in content processes when we’re shutting down or when all windows have disappeared. This should eliminate a class of slow shutdowns.




Platform Audibles

Search and Navigation

Test Pilot

Here are the raw meeting notes that were used to derive this list.

Want to help us build Firefox? Get started here!

Here’s a tool to find some mentored, good first bugs to hack on.

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  1. Mike wrote on

    When launching Firefox Nighty 58.01a 10/11/2017 update it doesn’t play any websites , Just a white page


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