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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 52


  • Check out this awesome 2018 retrospective post by nchevobbe about all the nice things that made it to the Console panel last year.
  • The initial UI for the new Event Listener Breakpoints feature has landed! (pref: devtools.debugger.features.event-listeners-breakpoints)
    • The debugger shows a list of the various event handlers one can set breakpoints for.

      This should make debugging sites on the web easier in Firefox!

  • We are replacing our existing localization formats with a new shiny one: Fluent. You can track our progress on – To this date we already have 2.3k FTL Messages!
    • A graph showing that we're slowly but surely increasing the number of Fluent strings in the codebase.

      Fluent incoming!

  • The default private browsing window page has been given a facelift and a new search input!
    • Showing the new search input on the default private browsing window page.

      Just in case you wanted to search for some engagement rings.

  • We’ve released an Anti-Tracking policy documentcheck out this blog post for more details.

Friends of the Firefox team


  • Welcome back Prathiksha!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions


  • Ian is working on an export for Firefox 67 that will notify uploaders the server is going away.
  • Blog post with more details on what’s going on with Screenshots.

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

  • Docs:
  • Technical debt:
    • We want to be able to work faster on the codebase, remove more XUL, get rid of intermittent failures, etc. As a result, we’re setting our plan to remove the Shader Editor, Canvas Debugger and WebAudio Editor in motion: look out for an announcement on the mailing list this week. Then later in 67, there will be a removal notice in DevTools, and in 68, the panels will be removed (we’ll make it possible for interested people to get the code, talk to yulia if you want to know more).
    • We are also migrating the CSS Rules panels to React and Redux. It’s one of our oldest piece of code and also one of our most important. Migrating it means more opportunities to reuse code from other parts of DevTools, a more approachable and predictable codebase, and faster feature development times.
  • Console:
    • In progress right now: a brand new multi-line console editor (bug, tweet)!
      • Showing off the console input taking multiple lines of input.

        Because sometimes the things you want to do takes multiple lines.

  • Layout Tools:
    • We’re hard at work designing what the next layout debugging tools will be. People love our flex sizing inspection tool, and we want to do more like this. Ideas so far: debugging z-index stacking issues, debugging unwanted scrollbar issues, debugging inline layouts, etc.
    • Introducing a new “markup badge” in the inspector, to quickly find out which elements have scrollable overflows:
      • A screenshot of the DevTools inspector showing that the <body> element on a page has a "scrollable" tag on it to indicate that it can be scrolled.

        This will hopefully help you identify important elements in the DOM.


  • All teams continue to make progress on Fission
  • DOM team working on core functionality (process switching, BrowsingContext, WindowProxies, PWindowGlobal, JS IPDL, etc.)
  • Major work ongoing on rewriting SessionStore from JS to C++
  • MattN is converting the FormAutoFillListeners code to the actors infrastructure
  • mconley is working on last dependencies to let the privileged process ride the trains
  • Other work: Shared UA style sheets, shared font lists



  • JS Debugger has started using Babel (for jsx)/Jest (elegant JS unit tests)/Flow (type-checking for front-end).
    • Also hoping to start using webpack this week to build the debugger workers.

Password Manager

  • Prathiksha started last week on the team, joining the rest of the developers formerly on Web Payments
  • Working on a short-term bug list (low-hanging fruit and test fixes) while we work with Lockbox to figure out the longer-term roadmap


Policy Engine

  • Added policies for min/max SSL version (1522182)
  • Working on local file blocking (1450309) and extension whitelisting (1498745)


Search and Navigation

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