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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 47


Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

  • Search engines are being converted to WebExtension style packaging (tracker bug)
  • about:addons is getting some visual tweaks.
  • Content scripts can now read from a <canvas> that they have modified.
  • Small fixes/improvements to the identity and menus APIs.

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools




  • Firefox for iOS 14 is on it’s way to the App Store. The second release candidate will go out to QA in the week of the 8th for final verification.
  • Android Components 0.25 shipped. Highlights of this release:
    • Improvements
      • We have a new component feature-intent that provides intent processing functionality.
      • Added WorkManager implementation for updating experiment configurations in the background.
    • Fixes
      • Fullscreen mode would only take up part of the screen.
      • A crash that could happen when loading invalid URLs
      • A bug in FlatFileExperimentStorage that caused updated experiment configurations not being   saved to disk.
    • More here at the changelog


Policy Engine

  • New Policy for Security Devices (PKCS #11) landed
  • New Policy for DNS Over HTTPS being reviewed
  • Up Next:
    • Installing certificates
    • Browser Startup Page
    • Changing Locale
  • Plan is for all policy changes to be in by the end of the week

Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Web Payments

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  1. Craig wrote on

    I can’t see that contrast info when selecting elements in the Accessibility Inspector. Does this feature have to be turned on in about:config?

    Using 65.0a1 (2018-10-23) (64-bit).


  2. Dean wrote on

    Nightly has been locking up consistently for at least a week or two now. I run multiple windows and many tabs in each with a few pins in each window also. I have been trying to figure out a common thread. Win 10 laptop, Win 7 desktop, both do it. Win 10 faster and more reliably. Sometimes it will not completely start, other times it runs for hours. No crash, just a not-responding and all nightly windows lock up. What very few add-ons I had are removed and/or disabled.
    Is there a way to backup and preserve my windows / tabs so I can run a reinstall?


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