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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 48


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  • Gabriel Luong improves massively Inspector opening performance by chaining together his findings from constant profiling into 58 patches.
  • Nicolas fixed the Browser Console to handle await statements, completing the console/debugger collaboration to ship `await` support across all Console variants
    • Screenshot showing the use of the 'await' operator at top-level in the Browser Console
  • Gabriel extended the CSS Grid highlighter to work with multiple grids
    • Screenshot showing the CSS Grid highlighter working with multiple grids
  • RDM now remembers the previous settings when being opened, thanks to Gabriel.
  • kenjyO landed outline filtering in the Debugger
    • Animated image showing the filtering behavior in the Debugger outline tab
  • Console trace now takes an argument to label the trace output
    • Screenshot demonstrating how labels can be used when calling console.trace()
  • Flexbox Inspector: 65 release, 64 DevEdition
    Sneak peak into new diagram design:
    • Screenshot showing how the new flexbox inspector visually displays flex properties


  • Felipe wrote a summary to the DOM team about front-end plans for migration to get feedback from them
    • Have a preliminary thumbs-up from Nika, waiting to hear back from kmag
  • Process flipping and browser session “brain transplanting” is going to become the responsibility of the native layer. Hooray!





  • You can now view the certificate directly on certificate error pages.
    • This also means that you can inspect the certificate of sites that have HSTS enabled but failed due to certificate errors.

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