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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 39


Friends of the Firefox team


  • Kanika Saini started last week an Outreachy internship working on Enterprise Policies
  • Trisha Gupta is working on improving certificate error pages as an Outreachy intern!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • 3 XBL bindings have been converted to Custom Elements (stringbundle, deck, dropmarker).
  • Proof of concept implementing XULStore on top of rkv is posted.
  • Improving support for top-level HTML windows (meta).
    • Width/height/position is remembered with the [persist] attr on the <html> tag.
    • Looking into supporting context menus next.




Policy Engine

  • First new policy checked in by Outreachy intern 🎉🔥


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search

Sync / Firefox Accounts

  • Welcome Carol Ng, who’s joining the Sync team for the summer! 🎉
  • Mark is adding a new dialog that gives folks an option to wipe local data when they disconnect Sync. 🙈
  • The team is working on a Rust adapter for the Sync server, including a Rust client for FxA and an iOS demo app, to bridge the gap between the existing Sync, and the next version of Sync that’s powered by Mentat. 🦀
    • Thom has basic record storage working now. 📦
    • Ed continues to plug away on the Rust FxA client. The demo app can authenticate with FxA and get an OAuth token. 🔐
    • Mark refactored authentication with the token server, and starting on a telemetry adapter. 📓
    • Kit ported the Sync auth state machine from iOS. 🛠

Test Pilot

  • Mobile news:
    • Android prototypes in progress for Send and Notes experiments
    • Support for mobile experiments coming soon to the Test Pilot website
  • Upcoming experiments
  • Upcoming Shield studies:
    • Cloud Storage: Dropbox / Google Drive integration into Download menu
      • Waiting on StudyUtils v5 and final QA
    • Min Vid: picture-in-picture video viewer
      • Shield study cancelled due to performance concerns
      • Moving forward with a PRD for implementation in Firefox
  • Screenshots updates:
    • Work continues on Chrome webextension prototype, annotation tools
    • Android prototype just getting underway, demo coming at work week

Web Payments

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  1. John wrote on

    I really enjoy reading these updates. Can I ask if there are any power consumption rekated bugs going into Nightly soon? (



    1. Pascal Chevrel wrote on

      You can track the general work on energy saving by following this tracker bug


  2. John M. wrote on

    Awesome, Thank you guys.
    Any news about “about:library” ?


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