Image of an opensearch result appearing on Firefox's URL bar.
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WebExtensions Mv3, WebMIDI, OpenSearch, PiP updates and more! – These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 128


Image of an opensearch result appearing on Firefox's URL bar.

Site-specific searches can be executed on the URL bar for sites like Wikipedia, for example.

Image of a Picture-in-Picture window with playback controls displayed, including a brand new video scrubber.

The video scrubber allows you to seek at a certain duration from the PiP window with ease.

Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Script to find new contributors from bug list

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Brian Pham
  • Itiel
  • Sebastian Zartner [:sebo]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  • As part of the work related to “Origin Controls “ and “Unified Extensions UI”:
    • The Unified Extensions UI is also riding the 109 release train – Bug 1801129
    • Follow-ups and bug fixes
    • Fixed a regression that was preventing the “disabled” state of an extension action to be applied correctly. This bug was also affecting Beta (108) – Bug 1802411
    • Extensions actions can now be pinned/unpinned from the Unified Extensions panel – Bug 1782203
    • Default area of extension actions is now the unified extensions panel – Bug 1799947
  • Niklas fixed a regression on opening a link from the context menu options on an extension sidebar page (regressed in Firefox 107 by Bug 1790855), the fix has been landed in nightly 109 and uplifted to beta 108 – Bug 1801360
  • Emilio fixed a regression related to the windows.screen properties in extension background pages returning physical screen dimensions (regressed in Firefox 103 by Bug 1773813) – Bug 1798213
WebExtension APIs
  • As part of the ongoing work on the declarativeNetRequest API: the initial implementation of the declarativeNetRequest rule engine is being hooked to the networking (and so rules with actions and conditions already supported are now being applied to actual intercepted network requests) – Bug 1745761
Addon Manager & about:addons
  • SitePermsAddonProvider: a new Add-ons Manager provider used to provision virtual add-ons which unlock dangerous permissions for specific sites. We are experimenting with using an add-on install flow to gate site access to WebMIDI in order to convey to users that granting such access entails trusting the site.

Developer Tools

  • Zac Svoboda tweaked the JSON viewer so the toolbar matches the one of the toolbox  (bug)
  • Karntino Areros made watchpoint more legible (bug)
  • Clinton Adeleke fixed padding in the debugger “welcome box” (bug)
  • Sean Feng made a change so opening DevTools does not trigger PerformanceObserver callback (bug)
  • Julian fixed adding new rules in inspector on pages with CSP (bug)
WebDriver BiDi
  • Opening a new tab with WebDriver:NewWindow now properly sets the focus on the page (bug)
  • Column numbers in expectations and stacktraces are now 0-based (bug)

ESMification status

  • Please consider migrating your components if you haven’t already. Don’t forget actors as well.
  • ESMified status:
    • browser: 39.7%
    • toolkit: 29.8%
    • Total: 41.3% (up from 38.4%)
  • #esmification on Matrix
  • Migration Document (with a walkthrough!)

Lint, Docs and Workflow

Migration Improvements (CalState LA Project)


Performance Tools (aka Firefox Profiler)

Clicking a node in the activity graph selects the call tree tab now. (PR #4331)

A gif showing the new clicking behavior on the activity graph for Firefox Profiler.

Clicking a node in the activity graph selects the call tree tab now.

  • Added markers for browsertime visual metrics. (PR #4330) (Example profile)

    Image of Firefox Profiler showing off new markers for browsertime visual metrics.

    New markers in the Test category for various browsertime visual metrics.

  • Improved the vertical scrolling of our treeviews like call tree, marker table panels. (PR #4332)
  • Added a profiler marker for FirstContentfulPaint metric. (Bug 1691820) (Example profile)

    Image of the Firefox Profiler showing an added marker for a metric named FirstContentfulPaint.

    View all details relating to First Contentful Paint via a tooltip.

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