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These Weeks In Firefox: Issue 120


  • Dale Harvey implemented an experimental Quick Actions feature in the Address Bar
Screenshot of the View Source quick action option displayed in the address bar after typing "view" in search

Quick Actions such as “View Source” are available in the address bar when enabled.

Screenshot of sample color-mix notation on used in dev tools

color-mix takes in two color values and mixes them by a given amount.

  • Thanks to evilpie, we now show entries for URLSearchParams instances in the console and debugger
Screenshot of sample URLSearchParams displayed on a browser console

URLSearchParams can now be previewed when desired.

Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Itiel
  • Michael Kohler [:mkohler]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  •  Extension CSP is now also applied to WebExtensions Workers – Bug 1685627

Developer Tools

  • Raphael added an inactive notice when `border-image*` is used on internal table elements where `border-collapse` is set to `collapse` (Bug 1583910)
  • Julian fixed an issue which was causing blank DevTools when debugging some WebExtension (Bug 1777296)
  • Opening the Browser Console will no longer cause scripts to pause on `debugger` statements (Bug 1766128)
  • Bomsy added a button to remove all breakpoints in the Debugger (Bug 1742774)

    Screenshot of the "Remove all breakpoints" button in dev tools

    Too many breakpoints? Clear them all with the click of a button.

Screenshot of power usage tracks in about:profiling

Inside the profiler, there are new tracks showing power usage, with a tooltip showing the instant power usage.

    • This example comes from this profile: care to disable sampling with the “nostacksampling” option to have good measurements (soon a preset will be added to make it easier to make this work best (bug 1778282)).
      This is some huge work done by Florian Quèze.
  • Add a pen icon to indicate profile names are editable (github issue #4099 by first-time contributor Bhavya Joshi 🎉🎆)

    Screenshot of the pen icon next to a profile name in Firefox Profiler

    The pen icon for profile names

  • More label frames: bug 1749521, bug 1776721, bug 1777473. This exposes:
    • more browser internals with understandable names to javascript developers (Style Computation, CSS Parsing, Layout tree destruction)
    • Most javascript APIs implemented in C++ from: String, Object, TypedArray, Number, Date, Intl, RegExp, Map, Set, Reflect, JSON, BigInt, Array.
    • This makes the profiler much more useful for JS developers.
  • Fix the buffer size handling when reaching the configured maximum size. Previously we had a bug where the buffer size would always increase, eventually causing an OOM crash.
  • LUL initialization on Linux has been optimised – but still more to come!

Search and Navigation

  • James Teow has disabled the “Did you mean to go to <site>“ notification bar, which was quite annoying for users having a wildcarded DNS server, resolving any word to an helper page. It can be re-enabled setting `browser.urlbar.dnsResolveSingleWordsAfterSearch` to 1. Bug 1735534
  • Michael Kohler made the Remove button disabled for the default Search Engine, that can’t be removed anyway. Bug 1761513
  • Mandy Cheang is refactoring part of the Search Service to improve maintainability and robustness: Bug 1777278, Bug 1777599, Bug 1777632
  • Daisuke Akatsuka has corrected a regression where autofill could duplicate the protocol. Bug 1778335

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