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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 73


  • Picture-in-Picture now works across workspaces on macOS! (bug)

  • Firefox now alerts users regarding vulnerable passwords. Bug 1626107 enables this feature after many bug fixes and UI tweaks!

    Firefox keeping you and your accounts safe from hackers!

  • Visual redesign of the URL bar has shipped to release! Found a bug? File it here!

  • Firefox Profiler now has a button to re-symbolicate a profile

    An excellent quality of life improvement for profiler power-users

Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • aarushivij

  • Artem

    • One of our MSU Capstone students!

  • Itiel

  • Jayati Shrivastava

  • Kriyszig

  • Tim Nguyen :ntim

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  • A new profiler marker includes information about the webRequest blocking handlers registered by extensions (Bug 1625006), Thanks to Andrew Swan for contributing this new useful information to the Firefox profiler!

    Handy for understanding how webRequest handlers affect Firefox performance

WebExtension APIs
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing extensions to be able to intercept (and eventually block) web requests related to subresources loaded by file:// pages (Bug 1621935)

  • Contributions:

    • theme API bug (Bug 1585290). Thanks to myeongjun.ko for contributing this fix.

Addon Manager & about:addons

Developer Tools

  • Console panel groups sameSite cookies warnings (bug)

    Get out of here, clutter!

  • Network panel indicating lazy loaded resources (bug)

    Lazy is good

  • Updating DevTools documentation (link)

    Contributors very welcome

  • WebSocket Inspector allows hiding control frames (bug)

    Control what you see

  • DevTools Fission Refactoring

    • RDM Fission refactoring done (one QA reported bug WIP)

      • Re-building the RDM user interface so it doesn’t rely on <iframe mozbrowser>

    • HTML element highlighter refactoring

      • New architecture that works across processes

    • TargetList API

      • Support for navigation between different domains/processes

      • Connecting to all targets (top level document + embedded iframes) early

    • Resource API

      • Unified format for all data fetched from debugged pages

    • JS Execution Context Selector

      • Unified UI for implicit/explicit context switching in Console and Debugger.

        Don’t let the console take what you write out of context


Password Manager

  • Password generation: New model (v2) landed with a much better conversion rate (comparable to without Fathom) while showing ~5x more often! Main focus now is on improving performance and accuracy (especially in certain locales/countries). Let us know if you see false-positives in 76+. The password manager now treats former type=password fields as password fields in order to handle sites that implement their own password reveal toggles.

  • Dismissed login capture doorhanger: Fixed the 2 remaining blockers before the merge. Two follow-ups to uplift shortly.

  • Old Password Management UI: Severin has a patch to remove this from Firefox now that about:logins has shipped since 70.

  • OS re-auth for about:logins: Discussing with MSFT about a Win10 usability issue that the OS password is sometimes required and Windows Hello options aren’t offered. We will watch feedback on beta to see how the feature is received overall.

    Speak friend and enter


Performance Tools

  • Panel sidebar is shown by default now.

    Let the sidebar be your sidekick

  • Started to show the full backtrace of a marker in the sidebar.

  • Added a context menu for the markers in the timeline.

    Great for filtering down to just what you care about!


Remote Protocol (Chrome DevTools Protocol subset)

Search and Navigation

Address Bar


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