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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 57


Toggling the print styles on wikipedia

Toggling the print styles on wikipedia

Controlling letter-spacing from the Fonts panel

Controlling letter-spacing from the Fonts panel

  • The Web Console now groups content blocking messages, if you flip the devtools.webconsole.groupWarningMessages pref. Much easier to read the output!
  • The new remote debugging is ON in Nightly now. Check out about:debugging to see the new experience!
    • An “Intent to unship” notice for WebIDE and the Connect dialog has been sent.
  • The Oxidation of Firefox Sync continues, with the team writing new components in Rust! 🦀
  • Firefox Front-end Performance Update #16 posted, highlighting some performance improvements that are going out in Firefox 67
  • We enabled the FIDO U2F API in Nightly, targeting an uplift to Firefox 67
  • Access to the logins list from the entry points not tied to a specific website (about:preferences and the main menu) has nearly doubled in the week-and-a-half since adding the main menu item.

  • Access from a page context (filtered to show logins for that domain) has grown over 50x in just two days since enabling the autocomplete footer!

Friends of the Firefox team

Here’s a list of all resolved bugs by volunteers

Fixed more than one bug

  • Carolina Jimenez Gomez
  • Dhyey Thakore [:dhyey35]
  • Hemakshi Sachdev [:hemakshis]
  • Ian Moody [:Kwan] (UTC+0)
  • Martin Stránský [:stransky]
  • Mellina Y.
  • PhoenixAbhishek
  • Suriyaa Sundararuban [:suriyaa]
  • Trishul
  • Yuan Cheng

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Activity Stream

Discovery Stream

Add-ons / Web Extensions


Firefox Accounts

Developer Tools

  • Layout Tools
    • Starting to work on Inactive CSS. This lets users see when CSS declarations are valid but do not have any effect on the page (bug, mockup #1 “how inactive CSS declarations look in the inspector”, mockup #2 “example of tooltips telling users why a declaration is inactive”).
    • Coming soon: Making CSS warnings in the console more useful. That means, e.g., not emitting warnings for vendor-prefixed properties when corresponding unprefixed properties exist. Or linking warnings to DOM nodes in the inspector. Thanks to jdescottes, nchevobbe and emilio for working on the platform support.
  • Debugger
    • Uplifting several fixes for column breakpoints and windowless workers.
    • Column Breakpoints are pretty solid now. As always, please keep an eye out for issues and report any if needed.
    • Most of the team is busy with general debugger quality issues they’ve prioritized.
  • Console
    • Clicking on a location in the console now opens the debugger at the expected column (thanks Mellina (yogmel), bug).
    • Switch `devtools.webconsole.input.autocomplete` if you want to turn autocompletion off entirely (thanks Dhruvi, bug).
  • Fission
    • Platform work on this requires the DevTools toolbox to be loaded via `<iframe type=”content”/>`. This means the toolbox document is slightly more “sandboxed” into its frame. This unblocks Fission, which is good! (see bug and bug).





Firefox for Android
  • Nightly 68 now has an ARM64 JIT. ARM64 will improve stability (fewer out-of-memory crashes) and security (better ASLR), but is not expected to have much impact on performance at this time.
  • Nightly 68 has enabled Android PGO. Improves Speedometer score by 5%!
  • Nightly 68 has reduced paint suppression delay to improve First Contentful Paint time.
  • Nightly 68 has enabled Retained Display Lists to improve responsiveness on complex pages.

Password Manager


Policy Engine

Privacy / Security

Search and Navigation

Quantum Bar
  • Fixed a regression causing us to get search suggestions for file:// uris
  • Refining details about the first Quantum Bar experiment, to be run in Q2
  • 35 bugs fixed in Quantum Bar in the last 2 weeks, 13 open bugs to reach MVP

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  1. Al wrote on

    Thanks for the steady stream of updates, much appreciated 🙂

    FYI, the link in “Check out this post from the team for more info” didn’t work for me.


    1. Johann Hofmann wrote on

      Thanks for pointing it out, that was a Google Doc without public access. We opened it up.

      Glad you’re enjoying the updates 🙂


  2. Wellington Torrejais da Silva wrote on

    I loved it: “The Oxidation of Firefox Sync continues, with the team writing new components in Rust! 🦀” Thanks!


    1. Wellington Torrejais da Silva wrote on

      I love everything cited in this post. Thanks for everyone!


  3. John wrote on

    Mobile improvements are always much appreciated.


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