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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 7

The last Firefox Desktop Engineering meeting for 2016 recently occurred! Here are the relevant tidbits.


Contributor(s) of the Week

Project Updates


  • andym reports that the Washington Post Trump article has been updated with the Firefox version of the add-on. This is yet another example of the WebExtensions API making it easy to ship multi-browser add-ons!

Activity Stream

Content Handling Enhancement

Electrolysis (e10s)

Firefox Core Engineering

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

  • jjong landed Bug 1286182 – Implement the layout for <input type=date>
    • This is currently disabled behind dom.forms.datetime and dom.forms.datetime.timepicker
  • MSU students have finished up their semester – see this update on jaws’ blog, along with their excellent final video presentation
    • Bug 1300784 – Combine e10s and non-e10s <select> dropdown mechanisms
      • A blocking bug autolanded yesterday, this will hopefully land today (preffed off)
    • Bug 1309935 – Add ability to find within select dropdown when over 40 elements
      • Currently undergoing review iterations

Privacy / Security

Quality of Experience

  • Kicking off a project to update preferences UI and remove inconsistencies
    • UX team in Taipei completed user research and user testing of different organizations to get a more productive, consistent UI
    • Here’s the spec
    • There are great bugs in here for mentoring, and hacking on Firefox for the first time! Like this one! Or this one! Or this one! Or this one!
  • New theme API
    • Work will begin in Q1 to start implementing the Theme API in mozilla-central
    • Community outreach soon to communicate the planned API
    • Will schedule a couple short meetings with some Firefox front-end engineers to discuss implementation and ask for feedback on internal API
  • Onboarding 51 funnelcake
    • Work is ongoing to provide a new onboarding experience for new Firefox users as part of a funnelcake running against Firefox 51 release


  • Drew posted a first draft of a patch that will allow add-ons to replace the entire AwesomeBar dropdown without having to go through XBL or XUL. This is groundwork to potentially expose this as a WebExtension API.
  • The SHIELD study for a unified URL and search bar is still ongoing. The results are expected some time in January.

Here are the raw meeting notes that were used to derive this list.

Want to help us build Firefox? Get started here!

Here’s a tool to find some mentored, good first bugs to hack on.

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  1. Marcelo wrote on

    Tab fadeout shuld only be apply when a webpage has a title.
    On urls that points to a script file is more usefull if it has the script file at the end of the tab label: ##http://dom…./file2.php### instead of ##


  2. Patrick wrote on

    Will we see new update in 2017? Always love this!


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