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Brief and Blissful – These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 140


  • The new migration wizard has been enabled by default! It’s being slowly rolled out to the release channel for users on Firefox 114, and will be fully enabled for Firefox 115. Big thank you to everybody who got us here – especially all of the CalState LA students (Alvin Lew, Angel Villalobos, Ani Movsesian, Brian Pham, Bryan Macoy, Evan Liang, Nolan Ishii, Portia Wu, Steven Wang, Zachariah Harris)!
    • negin is shipping an experiment this week that embeds the new migration wizard in about:welcome during onboarding, rather than sending the user to a dialog / other tab!
    • [screenshot]
  • Alex fixed memoization in the Firefox DevTools debugger selectors (bug), and made changes to avoid unnecessary rendering of the Tab component (bug). Those made opening large file in the debugger 30% faster and project search 5% faster! (perf alert)
  • Julian also added a setting to disable the F12 keyboard shortcut to open the Firefox DevTools (bug). F12 is easy to trigger and leads to unwanted opening of DevTools, which might confuse non-developer users. We plan some follow up to have some kind of onboarding UI on first usage of F12.

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Ganna
  • Gregory Pappas [:gregp]
  • Itiel
  • Masatoshi Kimura [:emk]

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons
  • Thanks to Jules Simplicio’s work on Bug 1798404, the add-on card toggle button style issues in High Contrast Mode are now fixed (Bug 1722643)
WebExtensions Framework
WebExtension APIs
  • Updated runtime.setInstallURL url length limit to 1023 characters (Bug 1835723), thanks Patrick Kettner for contributing this enhancement!
  • Fixed a regression when loading native messaging manifest files that include an UTF-8 BOM character (Bug 1835790. Fix uplifted to Firefox 114 because the regression was introduced in Bug 1772932.

Developer Tools

  • Contributors
    • Thanks to Gregory Pappas for fixing the inspector event tooltip, where overlay scrollbars could interfere with the event listener toggles (bug)
  • Other teams
    • Marco replaced Preferences.sys.mjs usage with Services.prefs in DevTools (bug)
  • Hubert reverted a performance regression that happened when we enabled the Blackbox Lines feature (bug)
  • Nicolas fixed a bug in the Debugger tooltip where it wasn’t possible to expand properties (bug)
  • Hubert added documentation for blackboxing lines (doc, bug) and for the source-maps ignore list (doc, bug)
  • Julian made DevTools HAR handle multiple navigations (bug), and also fixed an issue where HAR wasn’t recording all requests if there was an active filter in the Network panel UI (bug)
  • Nicolas fixed an issue with WebConsole autocomplete on proxies where you could end up hanging the browser (bug)
WebDriver BiDi
  • Sasha implemented capability matching for features for the command (bug)
  • Julian renamed network events originTime to timeOrigin to match the spec (bug)
  • Henrik fixed a regression where Element reference could be unknown after navigation (bug)
  • Julian enable unlimited stack trace capturing for BiDi realms (it was limited to 50 throw by realm before) (bug)

ESMification status

Lint, Docs and Workflow

Migration Improvements


Search and Navigation

Storybook/Reusable Components

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