Image of diff showing the GCLI code no longer being loaded in DevTools
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The Developer Toolbar (or GCLI) is no longer in DevTools

The DevTools GCLI has been removed from the Firefox codebase (bug), which roughly translates into 20k less lines of code to think about, and the associated tests which are not running anymore, so yay for saving both brain and automation power!

We triaged all the existing bugs, and moved a bunch worth keeping to DevTools → Shared Components, to avoid losing track of them (they’re mostly about taking screenshots). Then the ever helpful Emma resolved the rest as incomplete, and moved the component to the DevTools Graveyard in Bugzilla, to avoid people filing bugs about code that does not exist anymore.

During this removal process we’ve heard from some of you that you miss certain features from GCLI, and we’ve taken note, and will aim to bring them back when time and resourcing allow. In the meantime, thank you for your feedback! It helps us better understand how you use the tools.

We also want to thank Eric Meyer for his everlasting appreciation of the screenshot feature, and his continuous dedication to making sure the world knows about this feature over the years. Thank you!

PS For background on why we removed it, you can read the initial intent to unship email.

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