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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 45


a11y inspector tab in DevTools

Try it on your own site!

Improved error messages in the console

That code looked alright to me.

Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)


Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

  • Pocket team is working on a new version of the personalization engine
  • Working on getting the Contextual Feature Recommender and the new version of Snippets based on Activity Stream Router ready for experiments

Browser Architecture

  • Work on Mentat is paused
  • UCOSP students working on removing XUL from about:config.

Developer Tools




  • Focus 7.x WebView/GeckoView A/B experiment is live!
    • Teaser: Dan Callahan has a related post ready to go for later this week. Stay tuned!
  • 🎉 Release: Android Components 0.22
    • Firefox for Amazon’s Fire TV is now using the browser-session, feature-session and browser-engine-system components. This simplified the code base by removing ~4000 lines of code (see PR #1044 and PR #982 for details).


  • Greg Tatum
    • Screenshots and Network information now deployed in the Timeline – Profile example
Screenshots shown in the Gecko Profiler

Gecko Profiler: We just really like to watch the browser being slow.

  • florian
    • Working with Tarek and Bryan Bell from UX to figure out how best to expose more powers to users in about:performance
      • Now that the concept has proven itself, we’re looking to see what we need to do to ship this thing to users.
  • dthayer
  • felipe
    • Has some try builds up with the beginnings of the Photon tab animations
      • Still very much a WIP, but it’s great to see tab animations come off of the main thread!
New tab animations

Unfortunately, the GIF is running at 30fps and doesn’t do the smoothness justice.


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search.


Test Pilot

  • Ops is going to be using Send as the first test of hosting on GCP
  • Screenshots: bootstrap removal patch is under review (on github)
    • Thanks to :aswan for moving the enable/disable pref observer code to nsBrowserGlue (bug 1488971)

Web Payments

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