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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 40


  • Nightly builds of Focus / Klar (with GeckoView) are now available!
  • Introducing Firefox Monitor, a new security tool we’re testing to help keep track of data breaches on the Web!
  • The certificate error pages have been redesigned to provide information more clearly to the user: explain what the issue is and offer the user the option to return to safety
    • A screenshot of a new certificate error page in Firefox.

      Warning: New Certificate Page Designs Ahead!

  • Most Policy Engine policies that were ESR-only (except for Search) have been modified so that can be used on the Rapid-Release channel
  • The first version of the Federated Learning add-on has been completed by Florian Hartmann, which that will allow us to study and improve matching in the Address Bar without violating user privacy. Read this blog post for more details.
  • We’re working on the redesigning the bookmarking panel to show richer favicons and preview images.
    • The bookmark panel in Firefox, showing a screenshot of the page being bookmarked.

      We’re updating the much-beloved bookmarking panel!

  • Our first Test Pilot experiments for Mobile are coming soon!
    • ✨ 🎉 Lockbox for iOS launching July 10 🎉 ✨
    • ✨ 🎉 Notes for Android launching July 10 🎉 ✨
  • Privacy UI redesign v1 landed, v2 in progress for 63!
    • Showing off the new design of the Identity / Privacy panel in Firefox

      Tracking Protection: ON

      Showing off the Firefox main menu, with a Tracking Protection toggle.

      Tracking Protection controls are right near your fingertips.

Friends of the Firefox team


  • Vicky Chin, managing Firefox Performance across both Desktop and Mobile (spiritual successor to the Quantum Flow team)

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • PSA: Upcoming regressions – XBL Replacement Newsletter Special Edition (read more on firefox-dev)
  • XML pretty printing now uses Shadow DOM when available instead of XBL in the content process (bug). Planning to extend this with the “UA Shadow DOM” for other in-content widgets (videocontrols, plugin click to play, etc).



Policy Engine


  • Privacy UI improvements (metabug): starting to work on v2 for 63

Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search

Application Services (Sync / Firefox Accounts / Push)

Test Pilot

  • Test Pilot & Screenshots H2 planning underway

Web Payments

  • Very productive meetings at SF All Hands with UX and Engineering to refine and track the remaining scope required before enabling on Nightly.
  • Team has completed 84% of the entire Milestone 1 – 3 Backlog.
  • There have been quite a few recent specification changes (e.g. payment method and payer events) that are also getting implemented in Gecko thanks to Marcos and mrbkap.
  • Sam is working on implementing a timeout error page.
  • Jared required essential address fields and added country-specific Postal Code validation.
  • Prathiksha is switching our dropdowns to use <select> behind the scenes.
  • MattN is working on visual polish to match the visual spec.

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