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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 30


Friends of the Firefox team

Project Updates


Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • XUL Template feature has been removed (thanks Gijs)
  • Metabug filed for removing XUL overlays
  • XBL replacement has continued to make good progress. Expect a newsletter update soon.
    • Bindings removed since last meeting – thanks to Dão, Ian Moody, ntim, Paolo, 86ecce74, and Myk: tabbrowser-close-tab-button, toolbarbutton-image, datetimepicker-base, timepicker, datepicker, datepicker-grid, datepicker-popup, timed-textbox, addengine-icon, expander, preferences, preference, prefwindow, prefpane, panebutton, dialogheader, optionsDialog, stringbundleset.

Firefox Core Engineering

  • Crash machinery:
    • The last piece of crash ping support (bringing the crash ping to Fennec) will be done within the month. Follow along here.
  • Migration performance improvements:
    • Doug Thayer has landed several performance improvements to migration in 59 (as he did in 58). Too many to list, so check them out.
  • Update Agent:
    • Will allow for checking for and downloading of updates async from Firefox.
    • Was originally slated for incremental release, but has been changed to release as a complete feature, targeted for 62.
    • Tracking meta bug is 1343669.
  • Installer:
    • Rename of Windows shortcut (first attempted for 57) from “Mozilla Firefox” to just “Firefox” landed in beta 58. (bringing Windows in line with Mac and Linux)
  • Enterprise Policies Engine:

Form Autofill

  • V2 features were complete and got Pre-Beta sign off (yellow)
  • The edit dialog of Address Autofill in Preferences now is able to change the layout according to the selected country
  • Implemented a summary in the update doorhanger to let users know which profile will be updated
  • Slightly refactored the core modules for better supporting sections
  • Fixed some issues of Clear Form button caused by the cache mechanism in the autocomplete module
  • Fixed a few RTL issues
  • Fixed a lot of website compatible issues


  • Lint’s dependencies (python & node) should now be installed when running ./mach bootstrap (on Mac/Linux, Windows has them already installed for mozilla-build).



Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Web Payments

  • Landed our multiline rich-select custom element that will be used for the address selector as well as the basic-card selector.

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  1. Prasanna wrote on

    Is there a way to subscribe to this series? A newsletter version of this, perhaps?


    1. Pascal Chevrel wrote on

      Here is the RSS feed for the blog:


      1. Ferdinand wrote on

        You can try out for that rss feed:


  2. Daniel wrote on

    Where can I see changelog for latest Nightly? I am tired of some features taking more than 6 months to move from Nightly into Developer Firefox… And wan’t to know which performance bugs have been fixed with latest Nightly patch.


    1. ezh wrote on



    2. kit wrote on

      The commit log is at

      The release notes for Nightly aren’t as thorough as for Beta and Release, since it’s always in flux and there are new changes every day, but you can find them at


  3. John M. wrote on

    Hey Pascal!
    Firefox Nightly crashes when I visit to this page:


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