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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 62




Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Armando Ferreira
  • Arun Kumar Mohan
  • Florens Verschelde :fvsch
  • J
  • jaril
  • Krishnal Ciccolella
New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools

  • Debugger
    • Landed in Fx70: Variables and Scopes now remain expanded while stepping (see bug 1405402).
    • In progress: working on a new DOM mutations breakpoint panel that will be shared in the debugger and the inspector.
  • Console
    • The new Console Editor is progressing nicely: it now has a close button (see bug 1567370), can be resized as you would expect (see bug 1554877), will soon have history navigation buttons (see bug 1558198).
    • The entire console layout now uses CSS grid and subgrids (see bug 1565962) and it’s awesome.
      • The Web Console showing a split pane between an editor and the output. A simple Hello World block of JavaScript is being executed in the console.

        Using modern web technologies to build our own tools feels great!

  • Layout tools
  • Remote debugging
    • As of Fx 70 about:debugging is now the truly official way to connect to remote targets. The old “Connect” page as well as WebIDE have been removed. See this bug and this bug.



New Tab Page

  • Working towards launching remote layouts (aka DiscoveryStream) in Firefox 69.

Password Manager




  • Carolina and Danielle have been hard at work adding a new certificate viewer at about:certificate. Once bug 1567561 lands you can flip security.aboutcertificate.enabled and inspect certificates in a tab.
    • Please note that it’s very much work-in-progress right now, don’t expect things to work.
    • We’ll do another announcement when things are ready for testing.
  • Paul is churning through tricky evil traps bugs, such as Bug 1522120 – Exit fullscreen when a permission prompt is shown to the user
  • Paul also improved our indicators for geolocation usage to include an in-use indicator and show when geolocation was last accessed by the site
    • The Permissions section of the Identity Panel in Firefox showing that the Geolocation API was granted access to your location 5 seconds ago.

      This user gave the site permission to know their location, and it was accessed 5 seconds ago. If the user changes their mind, they can easily revoke that access.

  • We successfully completed the no-eval-in-system-principal project!
    • Thank you very much to everyone who helped out

Search and Navigation

Quantum Bar

User Journey

  • Progress on What’s New Panel (see meta bug) targeted for 70
  • Improvements to the First Run onboarding experience, new targeting/triggers for the What’s new Page, and new Firefox Monitor snippet planned for 69 as the result of a recent work week
  • Some new potential CFRs (Contextual Feature Recommendations) planned for sync, Firefox Send, Send Tab to Device, and Lockwise
    • Some mockups showing how there are plans to promote Firefox Sync, Send, Send Tab to Device, and Lockwise via the Contextual Feature Recommender.

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