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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 60


  • Integrated add-on abuse reporting landed in Firefox 68
    • You need to enable the HTML-based about:addons by setting extensions.htmlaboutaddons.enabled to true in about:config
    • The abuse reporting UI can be enabled by setting extensions.abuseReport.enabled to true in about:config
  • Work on the new login manager UI is progressing well
    • To see it go to about:config and set to true
    • Then load about:logins (will need to set the pref before loading the page)
    • Initial password generation code has also landed
      • WIP UI that only works on autocomplete=”new-password” fields
        • This is very early in the project so there is no additional attempt to save the generated password.
        • is a good test page.
      • Enable both prefs to test the feature:
        • signon.generation.enabled is the user pref to enable/disable the feature from about:preferences (UI not implemented yet).
        • signon.generation.available controls whether the feature is available for users (e.g. if the about:preferences UI should show in the future).
  • The DevTools Inspector color picker widget just got a bit of a re-design. Thanks Maliha Islam [:maliha] for pushing this over the edge!
    • The new color-picker in the Inspector Panel!

      The new color-picker in the Inspector Panel!

Friends of the Firefox team


  • New interns!
    • Mandy Cheang (@mcheang, mandy__)
      • Working on improving start-up performance
    • Abdoulaye Ly (@Abdoulaye O. Ly, abdoulaye)
      • Working on Fission

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug
  • Florens Verschelde :fvsch
  • Ian Moody [:Kwan]
  • jaril
  • Kestrel
  • Monika Maheshwari [:MonikaMaheshwari]
  • Tim Nguyen :ntim
New contributors (🌟 = first patch)



Project Updates

Activity Stream

  • The new Pocket Newtab is on track for 68 with performance parity
    • Slight regression with our usage of -webkit-line-clamp (thanks heycam for platform implementation!) and fixing with requestAnimationFrame (thanks performance best practices doc)
  • We’ve made some progress on migrating our build process into Firefox / making it easier to develop on Activity Stream features
  • Introducing our new intern: Emily (:emcminn)!

Add-ons / Web Extensions


  • Work on the Lockwise addon is complete
    • Final release waiting on localizers to translate strings
  • Future Lockwise work will happen in tree as part of the Firefox Password Manager
  • Removing this Lockwise item after this meeting

Developer Tools

Layout Tools
  • Inactive CSS landed! It’s currently only ON by default in nightly (since 68) but will ship to everyone with Firefox 69. Bug 1306054. We will be adding a larger collection of warnings very soon too, to warn users about more tricky CSS cases.
    • A tooltip in the CSS property inspector explains that a justify-content property doesn't apply to a non-flex element.

      This tooltip shows a CSS property that has no effect on the current element in the Inspector, and explains why.

  • Expandable CSS warnings also landed (shipping with 68). This allows jumping directly from a CSS warning displayed in the console to a node in the inspector when the warning occurred inside a CSS rule. Bug 1093953.
    • CSS warnings in the web console, with one of them being expanded, and revealing a list of DOM nodes that the warning applies to.

      Now errors can expand and collapse, and link directly to any nodes they’re associated with.

  • CSS Grid level 2 (subgrid) is close to shipping in Firefox. We’re getting the tooling for it ready in Firefox 69 so it’s easy to see the relationship between a grid and a subgrid.
  • We’re continuing to prototype on WebCompat awareness tools. Our latest prototype is an addon that displays CSS compatibility information about a page from the Firefox toolbar. It now allows to jump from a warning into the Style Editor, and to open other browsers where issues occur. GitHub repo for the addon
    • GIF demonstrating the doorhanger menu added by this extension, which contains the list of CSS compatibility problems detected on the page.

      This WebExtension helps bring attention to any detected web compatibility issues on the page. Handy!

  • We’re also focusing on fixing the last few remaining issues preventing to support the <meta viewport> tag in RDM, and therefore simulate mobile devices better.
  • We now have borders between messages to make them easier to read. Bug 1519904. Thanks Florens Verschelde :fvsch for your keen eye for details.
    • Screenshot of the Web Console in Firefox 68 with borders between each console log message.

      Better visual separation and readability? Yes, please!

  • It is possible to resend network requests that were logged in the console. Bug 1530138. Thank you Christoph Walcher.
    • Screenshot of the context menu in the Web Console, showing the new "Resend request" feature for network requests.

      Want to resend that network request from the console? Now you can!

  • Column breakpoints are stable now and we’re super happy with it.
  • Event breakpoints making good progress. The UI is ready and we’ll be landing the feature very soon. Follow along in this bug.
    • A preview of the nascent event breakpoints panel in the Debugger, allowing you to set breakpoints on all event types.

      When this lands, developers will be able to set breakpoints on events, as well as lines of code.

  • Workers are now displayed in the source tree along all the other sources.
  • The new logpoint feature is now even better with dedicated icons in the web console.
    • This shows the new "Add log" menu item in the debugger context menu, allowing you to log an expression when a certain line of code is executed.

      Log log log!

Remote Debugging
  • The new about:debugging page will ride the trains with Firefox 69. A final QA testing phase will happen in beta 69 in a few weeks. The main implementation phase is over and the final few fixes have happened:
    • Stay on the same page when reloading about:debugging (reconnects to remote runtimes automatically) (bug)
    • Remember last temporary addon install directory (bug)
    • Disable temporary addon installation if xpinstall.enabled is false (bug)
    • Updated error message colors and borders
    • New “Remote Debugging” menu item in the Web Developer menu
    • Update for Fenix/Firefox Preview (name, icon and version) (bug)
      • The new logo and header in about:debugging if an instance of Firefox Preview is connected.

        Coming soon to a phone near you!


  • Abdoulaye has an initial version of the <select> dropdown working with Fission
  • Neil has a version of drag and drop working with Fission! \o/
  • mconley has a patch that makes PermitUnload work with Fission, but is blocked on some DOM work
  • mconley is starting efforts to make the context menu work with Fission


Password Manager


Performance tools

  • Properly updating the URL state after publishing now.
  • Improved algorithm to find idle threads at load time.
  • Firefox Profiler now supports SimplePerf output format.
  • Added more relevant information to window title to improve the searchability of tabs. Thanks to our GSoC student Raj!
    • A tooltip for Firefox Profile showing the Firefox version, OS version, as well as collection date and time.

      This should make it easier for developers to tell various profiles apart when opened in multiple tabs.

  • Transforms are usable inside stack chart via context menu now.
    • The transfomation utilities are now available in the stack chart panel of the Firefox Profiler.

      Stack chart getting some love!


  • Dave Justice is about to get a patch landed that decorates the tab that a Picture-in-Picture video is coming from
  • Keyboard access and RTL support for Picture-in-Picture is still underway
  • The tentative plan is to let this ship to Firefox 69 Beta / Dev Edition and get feedback from our users and web developers

Policy Engine

  • ExtensionSettings policy finally landed (bug 1522823)
  • Added a number of preferences to the new Preferences policy (bug 1545539)
  • Download related policies (bug 1546973)
  • Activity Stream policies (bug 1548080)
  • Legacy Browser Support
    • EXE built
    • Able to test extension
    • Working on IE BHO
  • Investigating multiple intermittents on policy that have been around a while


Search and Navigation

Quantum Bar
  • Bugs and cleanup work
  • Active in Beta, no critical regressions reported so far
  • Nightly XUL/HTML experiment didn’t show any fallout
  • Adding core support for the WebExtension APIs that will be driving our future experiments

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