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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 44


  • We added more of an explanation to the Symantec distrust cert errors.
    • The network error page for a site using a certificate issued by Symantec, with a paragraph explaining that Mozilla has withdrawn trust from that certificate provider.

      Further information about why browsers are distrusting these certificates can be found here.

  • Speaking of certificates, April King created an add-on for viewing security certificate details called Certainly Something. Requires Firefox 62+, and now works on Firefox for Android!
  • The Activity Stream team just landed the first parts of the new CFR (Contextual Feature Recommender) system. Expect some UI tweaks over the next few weeks as the team iterates on feedback.
    • We’re experimenting with making feature recommendations to Firefox users that might not know about some of its capabilities.

    • Have you been encountering a bunch of tracking behaviour from Facebook lately? Perhaps this will help!

    • Full design spec – for the first iteration we will recommend useful add-ons
  • Thanks to nchevobbe and bgrins, we now have syntax highlighting in the Console for input and logged statements!
    • JavaScript in the DevTools console now has syntax highlighting to make it easier to read.

      Oooh, colour!

Friends of the Firefox team

  • Welcome DevTools to this meeting! DevTools contributors are now included in the lists below 🎉

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

Developer Tools




Policy Engine

  • We will soon be prioritizing new policies.
  • Autoconfig Sandbox moved behind a pref for 63, no timeline for removal yet due to  Talos dependencies


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Test Pilot

  • Test Pilot server recently upgraded a ton of old dependencies
    • Discovered that non-deterministic dependency resolution can be mitigated by only using exact dependency definitions in package.json (no carats), in addition to checking in our package-lock.json
    • Depcheck was a useful tool for discovering unused and missing packages
    • Webpack 4 had many breaking changes for us, Les Orchard powered through those changes.
    • Flowtype updates forced us to fix a lot of our type definitions which exposed some bugs which were fixed in the process !!
  • Screenshots

Web Payments

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