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async/await support in Firefox

async/await demo

Support for async/await has been added in the Nightly build from the 31st of October (bug #1185106). Great stuff!

Time to start removing those JavaScript transpilers from your experimental projects, and testing native browser support 😉

Here’s a demo. If your browser supports async/await natively, you will see “YES”.

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  1. voracity wrote on

    Hurray! I feel like I’ve been await-ing this a very long time, but now it’s here as Promised!

    (Well, still waiting on node.js to add support by default, presumably in version 8.)


    1. twitter_icodeforlove wrote on

      I find it odd that browsers are leapfrogging node in terms of implementation/release speed.

      The tables sure have turned, congrats Mozilla.


      1. Alex wrote on

        The most likely reason nodeJS doesn’t have feature X is because V8 doesn’t have it. It’s the same answer given for why nodeJS doesn’t yet support ES6 modules.


  2. George wrote on

    Is this real life??


  3. marco wrote on

    i’d really appreciate to know if i can use async/await to “wait for” a promise, returned by a native messaging app, to be fulfilled…


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