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Dropping the Banner Hammer and More – These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 134


  • Cookie Banner Handling can now be enabled in Nightly via about:preferences#privacy. This will enable the feature for both normal and private browsing.
    • For more granular control you can use the cookiebanners.service.mode and cookiebanners.service.mode.privateBrowsing prefs. Supported modes are:
      • 0: Disabled
      • 1: Reject all (this is what the checkbox in the preferences enables)
      • 2: Reject all or fall back to accept all
  • The Performance Team has reported some recent wins on the Speedometer benchmark on Windows (Higher is better)
    • The two big jumps are from these two fixes. Great job, Performance Team!
  • Starting from Firefox 112, users can now search for text inside the about:addons page (through the usual associated keyboard shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl-F and ‘/’) – Bug 1499500
  • Hubert added search modifier in project search in the debugger (bug)

Friends of the Firefox team


Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • CanadaHonk [:canadahonk]
  • Itiel
  • Mathew Hodson
  • steven w

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  • Thanks to Itiel, the default extension icons in the extensions button panel are now filled with the current theme color – Bug 1817865
  • In Nightly 112 we migrated the kvstore path used by ExtensionPermissions, to be sure that the kvstore path isn’t shared with the one used internally by ExtensionScriptingStore – Bug 1807010
    • NOTE: the underlying race issue was investigated and confirmed as part of Bug 1805427, and so be aware that despites the inline comment associated to nsIKeyValueService.getOrCreate in nsIKeyValue.idl states that it can be used for multiple database names stored in the same kvstore path, that isn’t thread safe with the SafeMode (and old LMDB mode is deprecated).
WebExtension APIs
  • Starting from Firefox 112, downloads.removeFile API calls that fail will be logging more detailed info about the actual underlying issue in the browser console – Bug 1807815

Developer Tools

  • External contributors:
    • khadija fixed a visual issue in the netmonitor (bug)
    • marlene replaced wrong parameter value in calls to CodeMirror method from the debugger (bug)
  • Contributions from other teams:
    • bradwerth improved performance of the grid highlighter when there are a lot of columns in the grid (bug)
    • Emilio fixed a scaling issue in the inspector tooltip (bug)
  • Hubert also fixed an issue with Navigator.sendBeacon requests that were shown as Blocked in the Netmonitor even if they went through (bug)
  • Julian recovered a regression that broke network throttling in Netmonitor (bug)
  • Nicolas removed duplicated ChromeWorker messages in Browser Console (bug)
  • Nicolas improved performance of pretty printing in debugger (bug, bug)
  • Alex made it possible to copy text from Netmonitor HTML preview again (bug)
  • Alex landed a patch that does some groundwork (bug) for a new feature in the debugger that will let the user override HTTP responses with a local file (bug), which is in progress.
WebDriver BiDi
  • Sasha added the browsingContext.print command, which produces a base64-encoded PDF representation of the document (bug)
  • Henrik fixed an issue where TabSession.executeInChild would hang the message manager (bug)
  • Henrik vendored the latest version of puppeteer (19.7.2) which allows to run more tests in CI and have a better coverage of CDP (bug)
  • Henrik also fixed an issue where httpd.js listener wouldn’t stop, which could lead to unexpected side effects (bug)
  • Julian created a shared module to generate HAR files from WebDriver BiDi network events, which could be useful for libraries that are using BiDi like Browsertime and Selenium (bug)

ESMification status

Migration Improvements (CalState LA Project)



  • In addition to our initial list of site-specific cookie banner handling rules we are working on global rules that can handle a list of cookie banner libraries / providers on any site.
    • You can already test this in Nightly by enabling the pref cookiebanners.service.enableGlobalRules (beware of potential bugs and performance issues)

Search and Navigation

Storybook / Reusable components


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