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These Weeks In Firefox: Issue 111


  • The Firefox Profiler team has added a dynamic language switcher! (#3905, #3910)
Gif of dynamic language switcher in Firefox Profiler

Switching languages in Firefox Profiler has never been easier!

Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug
  • Claudia Batista [:claubatista]
  • Shane Hughes [:aminomancer]
  • Zachary Svoboda :zacnomore
New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework
  •  As part of the ongoing Manifest Version 3 work:
    • new “scripting” WebExtensions API namespace:
    • More of the ongoing work related to Event Pages (non-persistent background pages) and persistent API Events listeners landed in Firefox 99 – Bug 1748550, Bug 1755589
  • Internal refactoring to consolidate addons’ computed isPrivileged property into a single place (blocker for other internal refactorings, e.g. moving builtin themes localization to fluent, tracked by Bug 1733466) – Bug 1734987

Developer Tools

  • Compatibility Panel: The browsers data are now stored in RemoteSettings (bug). We’re working on having those synced automatically from @mdn/browser-compat-data to give our users the freshest data we can.
  • Debugger: We are expanding our test coverage and taking this opportunity to make them better overall (added eslint, more logs, cleanup helpers, …)

Lint, Docs and Workflow

macOS Spotlight


Performance Tools (aka Firefox Profiler)

  • Share the libs object between threads — this reduces the size of profiles
  • Add the number of operations in the memory’s track’s tooltip (#3915)
Image of Firefox Profiler's memory track tooltip displaying number of operations made

The memory track tooltip now displays the number of operations made in Firefox Profiler

  • Improved lock contention when capturing cross-thread markers (Bug 1755823)
  • Starting/stopping/pausing/resuming the profiler now returns a promise, and we use this in tests, this should lead to less intermittents (Bug 1668867)
  • Reminder: Joy Of Profiling matrix channel and meetings (every monday): come and share your profiles!

Search and Navigation

  • Best Match feature MVP:
    • Drew fixed the Top Pick preference being visible in about:preferences even if the feature is disabled – Bug 1756162
    • Drew temporarily disabled the blocking option for MVP – Bug 1757488
    • Drew implemented logic to decide whether Quick Suggest results are good candidates for Best Match – Bug 1752604
    • Drew fixed the SuMo URL – Bug 1757622
    • Drew fixed Nimbus and contextual services to better keep track of Best Match results – Bug 1757658Bug 1754622
    • Daisuke made so blocked suggestions are not shown anymore – Bug 1754595
    • Daisuke fixed the Preferences UI for Best Match – Bug 1754634, Bug 1756917
  • Mark has fixed search engines configuration writes not being atomic anymore – Bug 1758014

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