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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 77


  • Firefox for Android updates:
  • We’re working on moving the print / print preview to be a tab modal dialog
    • Meta bug
    • Mock-ups
    • Targeting 81, hoping to turn it on in Nightly as an experiment or entirely within a week
    • Currently we have some print settings which are mostly functional bug with some bugs we need to work out. Modal and preview coming soon
    • Enable by setting print.tab_modal.enabled to true
  • dthayer has moved Nightly to Stage 3 of FastShutdown
    • A graph that shows changes in shutdown times for Nightly. The Y-axis is total shutdown time. The X-axis is Nightly build date. Around July 5th, a sustained drop in shutdown times is present.

      Shutdown is getting faster!

  • emalysz has made more panels lazy
    • A graph that shows changes in window opening times for Nightly as measured by one of our internal benchmarks. The Y-axis is total window opening time. The X-axis is Nightly build date. There is a downward trend in window opening times as time progresses forward.

      Window opening is getting faster, too!

Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • Farooq AR
  • Itiel

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons
WebExtensions Framework
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Firefox from fully unregister extensions that did fail early during their startup (Bug 1651844)
WebExtension APIs
  • dw-dev contributed a fix to the downloads API to ensure that the ‘Save As’ dialog will use a file filter derived from the filename set by the extension in the download API call (Bug 1651175). Thanks to dw-dev for contributing this nice enhancement!
  • Fixed a regression on the downloads API when used in private browsing mode on an extension-created blob url (originally introduced in Firefox 79 by Bug 1579911), the fix has been uplifted to Firefox 79 (Bug 1649463)



Password Manager


Performance Tools

  • Changed the profiler UI to use sample counts, and added explicit support for traced profiles.
    • A comparison between the old state and new state of the Call Tree panel in the profiler. The left side shows running time in millseconds for each frame. The right side shows those columns replaced by total sample counts for each frame instead.

      This is a much more accurate representation, since the sampling interval is not guaranteed to run consistently – especially for machines under load.

  • Renamed IPC message tooltip labels to be more descriptive.
    IPC Speed -> IPC Send Duration
    IPC Latency -> IPC Recv Latency
  • Started to use the appropriate time unit in the marker chart.
    • A comparison between the old state and new state of the Marker Chart panel in the profiler. The left side shows markers for the RefreshDriverTick with time measurements of 0.026ms. The right side shows the same markers, but shows the measurement as 25.9μs

      For really short intervals, using μs (microseconds) rather than ms (milliseconds) makes a lot of sense.


  • Recently landed patches to experiment with new toggle variations and placement
  • Glitch prototype
  • Toggle experiment preferences:
      • Default = -1
      • Mode 1 = 1
      • Mode 2 = 2
      • “right” = right side (default)
      • “left” = left side
    • (only affects Mode 2)
      • true – the user has used Picture-in-Picture before in 80+
      • false (default) – the user has not used Picture-in-Picture before in 80+

Search and Navigation


Address Bar

  • Tail search suggestions have been enabled for release in Firefox 80 – Bug 1653085
  • Resolved a bug causing some characters to be dropped when typing fast – Bug 1653436
  • Resolved a bug where autofill may not happen for some bookmarked origins – Bug 1654316
  • The work on design update2 started, but it’s not yet ready for Nightly testing. You can check the proposed non-definitive designs: one-off-shortcuts, tab-to-search

User Journey


  • Holding the new WebRTC global sharing indicator to Nightly for now while we sort out default placement.
  • We’re going to ship it on in an experiment in Firefox 80 on release to get a sense of how it’s being used in the wild

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