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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 38


Tab hiding API in action

Friends of the Firefox team


  • :Prathiksha Guruprasad will be working on the PaymentRequest MVP during her internship.
  • Jay Lim (:imjching) will be working on Activity Stream performance bugs for the Performance team
  • Emily Hou will be working on the Firefox Send experiment on the Test Pilot team this summer.
  • Shruti Singh will be working on the Firefox Color experiment on the Test Pilot team this summer.

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • A preference landed to allow opening the browser console as a top-level html document. Still some things to fix.
  • Landed our first XBL -> custom element conversion. May be backed out 🙁
  • Overlay code removal is ready to go
  • RKV proof of concept for XULStore is almost complete




  • Firefox for Fire TV will soon release v3.0, which will include our Pocket Video Feed


Policy Engine

  • No code updates. Getting marketing ready for launch. 👏
  • Outreachy intern starting next week to work on new policies.


Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search

Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot

  • New experiments launching in early June!
  • Interns starting later this month!
  • Screenshots product updates:
    • Annotation tools coming soon: undo, redo, and text/emoji
    • We’re thinking about what a mobile flow would feel like for Screenshots; PRD in flight. Ping jgruen with all your feature requests.
  • Screenshots engineering:
    • Bug fix release 32.1.0 landed recently (1454029)
    • A security fix regressed Screenshots working on PDF pages.  This is being tracked for Firefox 60 in bug 1456485.
    • We have a working Chrome add-on with a few substantial bugs. Work is continuing.
    • We would like to take over the Ctrl + Shift + S keyboard shortcut from devtools. They will be investigating usage frequency of this and other shortcuts in bug 1456984.

Web Payments

  • Team has completed 66% of the Milestone 1 – 3 Backlog.
  • Planning telemetry requirements
  • Code moved to browser/ and component moved to Firefox (from Toolkit)
  • Can now add and edit shipping addresses from the PaymentRequest dialog
    • Jared is working on adding/editing billing addresses
  • Sam is working on support for one-time-use addresses
  • Matt is working with UX on options for rich dropdown menus

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  1. Oriol wrote on

    The “regression fix from mixedpuppy” was in fact done by me, and the “test fix from kmag” seems authored by Sebastian Hengst. Did you confuse authors with reviewers?

    Also, it wasn’t mentioned that webextensions can now set or get sidebarAction properties per window. And the analogous for browserAction is coming soon.


  2. Robert Ab wrote on

    Just about ExtensionStorageIDB / indexedDB.

    There is still not fixed bug 944918 ( This bug is causing problems for WebExtensions using this database storage, like Tab Session Manager (Seniori is a developer of this WE):

    Can you help?


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