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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 36


  • Dark theme for the new tab page landed in Nightly!
    • The Activity Stream tab with dark colours.

      If Batman had a browser, this would be it.

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


Activity Stream

  • The thumbnail service will now use tracking protection when taking screenshots.
  • Wide Layout Experiment early results are in – neutral to slightly positive preference to wide layout in Beta 60!

Browser Architecture


Policy Engine

  • Finished work on policies for 60: 45 from the MVP, and 14 extras! Everything targeted for 60 has been uplifted to beta.
  • Tweaked names and arguments for some policies.
  • We got our first request for a policy from someone in the wild!



Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search


Sync / Firefox Accounts

Web Payments

  • Milestone 1 completed!
  • Milestone 2 is mainly focused on address/credit card add/edit screens that show in the PaymentRequest dialog
  • Team has completed 49% of the Milestone 3 commitment.

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  1. John M. wrote on

    The color on the menus for the Dark theme is really ugly, Please bring back the black color.


  2. Robert Ab wrote on

    Is any chance that work on Bug 1413525 will start soon? It would be really great if you could assign engineer to work on this bug.
    This single bug (Bug 1413525) (as well as Bug 1378647) are very important for session managers (Session Manager, Tab Mix Plus, Tab Session Manager, MySessions, and maybe Session Buddy in the future) and its users (approx. 1 mln).
    Also other bugs probably will be not needed if Bug 1413525 (and maybe Bug 1378647) will be solved.

    Bug 1413525’s priority/severity is set to P5 enhancement, but this bug is the most important one blocking Bug 1427928 (meta-bug for session managers) which is set to P3 enhancement.
    As you can see >350 users has already voted on Bug 1413525 and on four other session manager-related bugs, including Bug 1378647 and Bug 1427928 (meta-bug).


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