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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 6


Contributor(s) of the Week

Project Updates


Electrolysis (e10s)

  • Turning on e10s-multi on Nightly (with 2 content processes) is blocked on Talos regressions and a few test failures. This should happen sometime soon during the Nightly 53 cycle (and hold on Nightly)

Firefox Core Engineering

  • ddurst reports that there is going to be an aggressive push to update “orphaned” Firefox installs (44-47, inclusive) between now and the end of 2016
    • “Orphaned” = not updated since 2 versions back.
    • Concerted effort to encourage people to update from 42-47 to current (50). 42-25 isn’t a huge chunk, but this is a much more aggressive push.
    • What causes orphans?
      • Some are just users being slow to update
      • Blocked by security suite. (Avast was trying to update on users’ behalf). Some are worked out with vendors, some are actual problems.
      • Some are related to network latency (bugs have been filed and fixed), but ddurst’s team just got a machine that’s not updating and not affected by latency.
    • 3.x upgrades

Form Auto-fill

Platform UI and Other Platform Audibles

Privacy / Security

  • nhnt11 has simplified the way we open captive portal tabs

Quality of Experience

  • mikedeboer reports that the demo / ideation phase for the new Theming API is nearly finished
    • An engineering plan in the making, and almost ready for feedback rounds
    • The team is looking at performance measures now (memory, new window creation, tab opening, etc)
  • dolske has some onboarding updates:
    • 51 Beta is now live with the latest automigration test/data-gathering. (No wizard on startup, migrates and gives option to undo)
    • Gijs is starting work on allowing automigration-undo even after activating Sync
    • In discussions with verdi about an updated first-run experience (nutshell: simplified, focus on new-tab page so user can quickly see familiar auto-migrated data, starting point for low-key introduction of features)
      • Fewer tabs, sign in to FxA, and then directly to about:newtab. (If you migrated from Chrome, your top sites will be there)


Sync / Firefox Accounts

Here are the raw meeting notes that were used to derive this list.

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