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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 6


Contributor(s) of the Week

Project Updates


Electrolysis (e10s)

  • Turning on e10s-multi on Nightly (with 2 content processes) is blocked on Talos regressions and a few test failures. This should happen sometime soon during the Nightly 53 cycle (and hold on Nightly)

Firefox Core Engineering

  • ddurst reports that there is going to be an aggressive push to update “orphaned” Firefox installs (44-47, inclusive) between now and the end of 2016
    • “Orphaned” = not updated since 2 versions back.
    • Concerted effort to encourage people to update from 42-47 to current (50). 42-25 isn’t a huge chunk, but this is a much more aggressive push.
    • What causes orphans?
      • Some are just users being slow to update
      • Blocked by security suite. (Avast was trying to update on users’ behalf). Some are worked out with vendors, some are actual problems.
      • Some are related to network latency (bugs have been filed and fixed), but ddurst’s team just got a machine that’s not updating and not affected by latency.
    • 3.x upgrades

Form Auto-fill

Platform UI and Other Platform Audibles

Privacy / Security

  • nhnt11 has simplified the way we open captive portal tabs

Quality of Experience

  • mikedeboer reports that the demo / ideation phase for the new Theming API is nearly finished
    • An engineering plan in the making, and almost ready for feedback rounds
    • The team is looking at performance measures now (memory, new window creation, tab opening, etc)
  • dolske has some onboarding updates:
    • 51 Beta is now live with the latest automigration test/data-gathering. (No wizard on startup, migrates and gives option to undo)
    • Gijs is starting work on allowing automigration-undo even after activating Sync
    • In discussions with verdi about an updated first-run experience (nutshell: simplified, focus on new-tab page so user can quickly see familiar auto-migrated data, starting point for low-key introduction of features)
      • Fewer tabs, sign in to FxA, and then directly to about:newtab. (If you migrated from Chrome, your top sites will be there)


Sync / Firefox Accounts

Here are the raw meeting notes that were used to derive this list.

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Here’s a tool to find some mentored, good first bugs to hack on.

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  1. plutonomus wrote on

    52 (nightly) seems to be the last to support sys V as well.
    Onwards to systemd, yes?
    u r welcome


  2. Wellington Torrejais da Silva wrote on

    Nice! Thanks. Good job…


  3. Bartek wrote on

    Check out time picker in Android’s Google Calendar – it’s extremely useful not only on touchscreens but also when used with mouse or touch-pad. It’s really convenient and lets you pick correct time quickly and with ease, even with 24h clock!

    Please consider implementing this kind of time picker design, it’s only natural to pick time with clock like interface.

    PS Previous Androids’ time picker was awfully inconvenient, it was a bit simpler then what’s presented here
    Learn from other people’s mistakes.


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