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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 1

Every two weeks, engineering teams working on Firefox Desktop get together and update each other on things that they’re working on. These meetings are public. Details on how to join, as well as meeting notes, are available here.

We feel that the bleeding edge development state captured in those meeting notes might be interesting to our Nightly blog audience. To that end, we’re taking a page out of the Rust and Servo playbook, and offering you handpicked updates about what’s going on at the forefront of Firefox development!

Expect these every two weeks or so.

Thanks for using Nightly, and keep on rocking the free web!


Contributor(s) of the Week

  • The team has nominated Adam (adamgj.wong), who has helped clean-up some of our Telemetry APIs. Great work, Adam!

Project Updates



  • andym wants to remind everybody that the Add-ons team is still triaging and fixing SDK bugs (like this one, for example).

Electrolysis (e10s)

Core Engineering

  • ksteuber rewrote the Snappy Symbolication Server (mainly used for the Gecko Profiler for Windows builds) and this will be deployed soon.
  • felipe is in the process of designing experiment mechanisms for testing different behaviours for Flash (allowing some, denying some, click-to-play some, based on heuristics)

Platform UI and other Platform Audibles

Quality of Experience

Sync / Firefox Accounts


Here are the raw meeting notes that were used to derive this list.

Want to help us build Firefox? Get started here!

Here’s a tool to find some mentored, good first bugs to hack on.

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  1. *klop*cz wrote on

    Thank you for the update. Nice to read it.


  2. jxn wrote on

    I *love* the servo, rust, rust-docs, and other-rust-things weeklyish updates. I really hope this becomes “a thing” for Firefox, too. Thanks, mconley!


  3. aney1 wrote on

    I’m using 10 content processes without any obvious issues. Am I messing up my telemetry data with that?
    I just love it how smooth Firefox is with more content processes.


  4. njn wrote on

    Thank you for writing this!


  5. Gerd Neumann wrote on

    Great to have this write-up. Very nice to follow-up on projects. I just learnt about the Autofill project, which I am eager to use and waiting for for so long.

    Thanks. Keep up with the “These weeks in Firefox” (but maybe do it, git based like servo/rust newsletters are, so people can easily jump in. Maybe also add screenshots).

    FWIW, I’ve been missing a word about the new JS devtools debugger:


  6. Blahblah wrote on


    Just read this blog post.
    It was very interesting. thx.


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