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These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 79


  • We’re testing some variations on the Picture-in-Picture toggle
    • An animated GIF shows a Picture-in-Picture toggle being moused over. When the mouse reaches the toggle, it extends, showing the text “Watch in Picture-in-Picture”

      An animated GIF shows a Picture-in-Picture toggle being moused over. Text describing Picture-is-Picture is shown.

  • Camera and microphone global mutes have landed, but are being held to Nightly
    • The WebRTC sharing indicator shows microphone, camera, and minimize buttons. The microphone button shows that it is muted.

  • Urlbar Design Update 2 is live in Nightly. Access “search mode” from the refresh one-off buttons, including one-offs for bookmarks, history, and tabs. This feature is targeting 82. Please file bugs against Bug 1644572!

Friends of the Firefox team


  • Welcome mtigley and daisuke to the Firefox Desktop team!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • manas

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons
  • Shane landed a patch to make sure that Firefox will double-check the version compatibility for the installed langpacks and disable them if they are not strictly compatible with the currently running Firefox version (Bug 1646016), this was likely a major cause for some YSOD (yellow screen of death) issues that were originally triggered by an issue on the AMO side.


WebExtensions Framework
  • Matt Woodrow fixed a webRequest API regression which was preventing pages multipart/x-mixed-replace content to finish loading when extensions using webRequest blocking listeners are installed (e.g. uBlock origin) (Fixed in Bug 1638422, originally regressed by Bug 1600211)


WebExtensions API
  • As part of fission-related work on the extensions framework and APIs, Tomislav landed some changes needed to make the browser.tabs.captureTab API method to work with Fission iframes (Bug 1636508)


Sync and Storage
  • 98% of our sync storage nodes have been migrated over to the new Rust based sync storage service, aka “Durable Sync”.
  • JR Conlin is working on implementing a sync quota; we’ll limit users to 2GB per sync collection (ie, bookmarks, tabs, history, etc) and plan to roll this out in late September.


  • Fission Nightly experiment is tentatively targeted for Nightly 83

Installer & Updater

  • Mhowell and Nalexander are researching how to move forward with a Gecko based background update agent. Work will continue on this effort through the end of the year.
  • Bytesized has a patch open to add telemetry to track windows verified app settings to help us better understand barriers to installation for Win10 users.


  • Sonia has continued work on enabling rules that were previously disabled when *.xul files moved to *.xhtml, with toolkit and accessible landing in the last week.

Password Manager

PDFs & Printing

  • Beta uplifts are complete as of Thursday
  • QA has been looking over the feature and the old print UI on beta and haven’t found any blockers for backing out our latest uplifts
  • Go/no-go decision to be made on Friday, Sept 11



  • The toggle variation experiment is now live! We should hopefully have some data to help us make a selection on which toggle to proceed with soon.
      • Default = -1
      • Mode 1 = 1
      • Mode 2 = 2
      • “right” = right side (default)
      • “left” = left side
    • (only affects Mode 2)
      • true – the user has used Picture-in-Picture before in 80+
      • false (default) – the user has not used Picture-in-Picture before in 80+
  • MSU students are working on improving Picture-in-Picture! Here’s the metabug.

Search and Navigation

  • Cleanup the search service after modern configuration shipped – Bug 1619922
    • Legacy search configuration code has been removed – Bug 1619926, Bug 1642990
    • Work is ongoing to improve some of the architecture of the search service and should be complete in the 82 cycle.
  • Consolidation of search aliases and bookmark keywords – Bug 1650874
    • Internal search keywords are now shown in about:preferences#search – Bug 1658713
    • WIP – Initial implementation of user defined search engines – Bug 1106626
Address Bar
  • Urlbar Design Update 2
    • Behavior change: Left/Right keys on one-off buttons move the caret rather than trapping the user in one-off buttons – Bug 1632318
    • Improvement: Some restriction characters (*, %, ^) are converted to search mode when a space is typed after them to restrict results – Bug 1658964

User Journey


  • mconley is working on adding Task Tray icons on Windows to indicate that devices are being shared
    • We have something similar on macOS already

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