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Moving to a Profile per Install Architecture

With Firefox 67 you’ll be able to run different Firefox installs side by side by default.

Supporting profiles per installation is a feature that has been requested by pre-release users for a long time now and we’re pleased to announce that starting with Firefox 67 users will be able to run different installs of Firefox side by side without needing to manage profiles.

What are profiles?

Firefox saves information such as bookmarks, passwords and user preferences in a set of files called your profile. This profile is stored in a location separate from the Firefox program files.

More details on profiles are can be found here.

What changes are we making to profiles in Firefox 67?

Previously, all Firefox versions shared a single profile by default. With Firefox 67, Firefox will begin using a dedicated profile for each Firefox version (including Nightly, Beta, Developer Edition, and ESR). This will make Firefox more stable when switching between versions on the same computer and will also allow you to run different Firefox installations at the same time:

  • You have not lost any personal data or customizations. Any previous profile data is saved and associated with the first Firefox installation that was opened after this change.
  • Starting with Firefox 67, Firefox installations will now have separate profiles. This will apply to Nightly 67 initially and then to all versions of release 67 and above as the  change makes it way to Developer Edition, Beta, Firefox, and ESR.

What are my options?

If you do nothing, your profile data will be different on each version of Firefox.

If you would like the information you save to Firefox to be the same on all versions, you can use a Firefox Account to keep them in sync.

Sync is the easiest way to make your profiles consistent on all of your versions of Firefox. You also get additional benefits like sending tabs and secure password storage. Get started with Sync here.

You will not lose any personal data or customizations. Any previous profile data is safe and attached to the first Firefox installation that was opened after this change.

Users of only one Firefox install or users of multiple Firefox installs who already had set different profiles for different installations will not notice the change

We really hope that this change will make it simpler for Firefox users to start running Nightly. If you come across a bug or have any suggestions we really welcome your input through our support channels.

What if I already use separate profiles for my different Firefox installations?

Users who already have created manually separate profile for different installations will not notice the change (this has been the advised procedure on Nightly for a while).

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  1. Luca wrote on

    I sincerely did not understande completely…

    Actually I have Firefox updated release and contemporary Firefox Developer Edition installed on my system and each one already has each profile (it was by default just from first time, I did not explicitly set different profiles for both of them) and each one, when updated to its own new version continue to use previous profile.

    So this behaviour will continue?

    Actually I have release 64 installed, let’s suppose that it could be directly the final 67 one, when 68 will become the final release, it will create another profile on my system, and then it will re-happen when future 69 will become available?

    Or maybe, since 67 it will be possible to have installed contemporary different versions such as 67, 68, 69, and so on?


    1. Dave Townsend wrote on

      Firefox Developer Edition has had its own separate profile for a while now. This change is about adding that feature to the other channels of Firefox like Nightly. If all you have is Firefox Release and Firefox Developer Edition then you should see no change as this feature rolls out.


      1. Luca wrote on

        Thanks, the best answer!


  2. Simon wrote on

    I assume there’s no impact on automation tools like Selenium, etc, which automatically create profiles for their own use when running Firefox instances?


    1. Dave Townsend wrote on

      Selenium (and most other tools that do this sort of thing) use command line arguments to select the profile to use. These are unaffected by this change.


      1. Simon wrote on

        So it’s just about default behaviour… figured that would be the case, but thought I’d check.


  3. nellaiseemai wrote on

    This is really good move. Although there are ways to create individual profiles for each category of firefox, making it default really helps many. Currently Firefox Developer creates its own profile along with other category of firefox. I am using Firefox nightly and Firefox Developer edition with FDE being my default browser. This new process will make way to install Firefox Beta also which I can make my default browser then. Thanks.


  4. FAb wrote on

    Well, I am not sure but :
    I use a Firefox in my Linux box (.deb) with 4 profiles :
    – Normal
    – a profile for “Exploitation and documentation” which is sync’ed
    – a profile for personal usage (sync’ed too)
    – a profile for personal usage shared with my wife (sync’ed too)
    For WebDev I now use a Firefox Dev Edition:
    – Profile WebDev (add-ons)

    How should I migrate ?


    1. Dave Townsend wrote on

      It sounds like you are using the first 4 profiles with the same install of Firefox. Presumably you are using command line arguments or the profile manager to select between them. You will see no change with that approach when this lands. And developer edition already used a separate profile by default, that will continue. So there is probably nothing you need to do to maintain the status quo.


  5. Andreas K wrote on

    How about adding a good profile management and an easy way to start different profiles and to switch between profiles?


  6. nellaiseemai wrote on

    Does this mean all my firefox installations need to be at least version 67 for this new set up to work? Right now only Firefox Nightly hits version 67. Thanks.


    1. Dave Townsend wrote on

      Yes, this feature only comes with Firefox 67 and later.


      1. nellaiseemai wrote on

        Thanks. Currently I run Firefox Dev and Firefox nightly. I would like to test beta as well in parallel. Creating a different profile for each versions is the feature I have been long time. Great..


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