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Using mozregression on Windows

I already blogged about using mozregression in a terminal for Linux/Mac users so this is a follow-up post with specific instructions presented as a video tutorial for Windows users.

If you are a Windows user and want to help chasing regressions in Firefox, you don’t have to install the command line version of mozregression and work from a terminal (which is currently complicated on this OS even if the use of Bash in Windows 10 is now possible), we also provide a version of mozregression for Windows with a graphical user interface.

You can download mozregression from our GitHub repository, the Windows version is called mozregression-gui.exe, it packages everything needed for mozregression to work on Windows, including Python.

Here is a short video tutorial to help you gettting started with mozregression on Windows (which I hope is understandable despite my thick French accent):

If you want to search for regressions already reported by our community and which could benefit from a regression range search, have a look at bugs already filed in Bugzilla with the regressionwindow-wanted keyword.

Let’s build a solid Firefox together!

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