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Guest post: India uses Firefox Nightly – A Campaign especially for India

Biraj Karmakar This is a guest post by Biraj Karmakar, who has been active promoting Mozilla and Mozilla software in India for over 7 years. Biraj is taking the initiative of organizing a series of workshops throughout the country to convince technical people to (mozillians or not) that may be interested in getting involved in Mozilla to use Firefox Nightly.



Fellow mozillians, I am super excited to inform you that very soon we are going to release a new campaign in India  called “India uses Firefox Nightly“. Behind this campaign, our mission is to increases Firefox nightly usages in India.

Why India?

As we all know we have a great Mozilla community around India. We have a large number of dedicated students, developers and evangelists who are really passionate about Mozilla.

We have seen that very few people in India actually know about Firefox Nightly. So we have taken an initiative to run a pilot campaign for Firefox Nightly throughout India.

Firefox Nightly, as a pre-release version of Firefox targeting power-users and core Mozilla contributors, is a glimpse of what the future of Firefox will be for hundreds of millions of people. Having a healthy and strong technical community using and testing Nightly is a great way to easily get involved in Mozilla by providing a constant feedback loop to developers. Here you can test lots of pre-release features.

So it needs a little bit of general promotion, which will help bring a good number of tech-savvy, power-users who may become new active community members.

Few Key points

Time Frame: 2 months Max              Hashtag: #INUsesFxNightly

Event Duration: 3 – 5 Hours              Total events: 15

Who will join us: We invite students, community members, developers, open source evangelists to run this campaign.

Parts of Campaign

Online activities:

Mozillians spread the message of this campaign around India as well as through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blogs, promotional snippets, email, mailing list, website news items etc.

Offline activities:

Here, any community member or open source enthusiast can host one event in their area or join any nearby event to help organizers. The event can be held at a startup company, Schools, Universities, Community centres, Home, Cafés.

Goals for this initiative


  • 1000 Nightly Installed
  • 20 New Active Contributors


  • 30 Mozillians run events (2 mozillians per event)
  • 500 Attendees


BTW have you tried Firefox Nightly yet, download it now?


More details will come soon. Stay tuned!


We need many core campaign volunteers who will help us to run this initiative smoothly. If you are interested in joining the campaign team, please let me know.

Have design skills? We need a logo for this campaign, please come and help us here.

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  1. Ludovic wrote on

    So you’ll teach people how to setup telemetry , file bugs on crashes etc ?


    1. Pascal Chevrel wrote on

      Yes, and mozregression,, setting up a test profile…


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